These 7 Fashion Items Simply Aren't Worth More Than $100

We’d absolutely say that our team of Who What Wear editors has great taste. But Champagne taste? Not necessarily. After all, amazing style is not measured by how much money you spend, and as much as we admire a chic outfit, we also appreciate skills like knowing where to get designer pieces for a steal or which affordable sites to shop for purchases that always look expensive. With this in mind, we asked our team: What fashion items do you never pay over $100 for?

While essential to our wardrobes, the below seven pieces don't ask too much from our budgets. In fact, we refuse to pay any more than a Benjamin—sometimes much less. Scroll down to see what purchases fashion editors say aren't worth your hard-earned cash, and then shop the under-$100 pieces—from essential basics to of-the-moment trends—to consider.

"I wouldn't spend over $100 on a bra, or likely over $65, if I'm being honest. There are so many pretty lingerie options on the affordable side that I don't see the need to spend more. Though if someone wants to treat me to a luxe bra, I'm never mad at that!"

"Basic, solid-colored T-shirts are essential to my wardrobe, yet I have not, and will not, pay more than $100 for one. I don't see why I'd need to—there are so many amazing brands that make essentials that wear in beautifully, last, and don't run me anywhere close to triple digits."

"If there's ever a trend I'm in testing mode for—like a beret—I won't make a huge investment."

"I (try) to never spend more than $100 on simple tanks. Instead, I opt for inexpensive one like these white tanks from Hanes that I can easily replace once they've seen better days."

"There's far too much stylish, affordable activewear on the market to justify spending more than $100. Outdoor Voices, Girlfriend Collective, and Beyond Yoga are proof of this."

"I've never understood fancy socks and tights. I understand they must feel somewhat softer or look prettier than the ones I buy on Amazon, but the second I (inevitably) lost or got a run in one, I'd be crushed!"

"I know that a lot of high-end streetwear brands offer expensive sweatshirts and hoodies these days, but I still don't think I'd spend more than $100 on one. Even if I'm wearing a hoodie to the office underneath a blazer and trying to dress it up, it's still an item I wouldn't invest considerable amounts of money in."

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