These 5 Dress Trends Are Selling the Best on Instagram Right Now

Some trends speak to us from the runways of Paris or Milan. Others catch our eye while window-shopping IRL. But as we’re all well aware, plenty of potential must-have pieces draw us in straight from an Instagram square—we instantly like, save to collection pages, and spiral off into a Google search to hunt it down. Naturally, there are specific types of styles that sell better than others. This is the case with the below five dress trends.

Following a look at popular boots and jewelry styles, we’ve enlisted the help of Like to to identify which dresses are selling best from the social media platform. As a bit of a middleman between influencers who share their personal style and e-commerce sites, LKT is able to determine which products get users clicking. And buying. Appropriately, the resulting top dress styles speak to some of the biggest trends of 2018.

If you haven't already tried one for yourself, feel free to peruse the options below and add one (or more) to your closet.

Leopard Dresses

Fittingly, the animal-print trend that’s been pervasive among the fashion set this season is also a top seller through LTK. “We’ve seen a jump in leopard-print traffic over the past three months with over 1.2 million clicks,” they tell us. “Leopard clicks traffic increased 45% from July to August, and it’s continuing to trend strongly through September.”

Checked Dresses

As expected for the time of year, autumnal plaid also is a popular choice through LTK. The top-selling styles also run the gamut from mixed-print plaids to brighter options.

Blazer Dresses

Not only are blazer dresses one of the top-selling dress trends currently, but LTK confirms that this silhouette has continued to perform well over the course of the past two years. 

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Blazer Dress

Polka-Dot Dress

While polka dots were popular during the summer, Like to reports that the charming motif is still moving products as one of its top-selling dress trends.

Ruffled Dress

With the way the prairie trend continues to prevail, it makes sense that ruffle dresses have become a favorite piece to shop and are a top seller through social media.

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