These 5 Dress Trends Are Selling the Best on Instagram Right Now

Some trends speak to us from the runways of Paris or Milan. Others catch our eye while window-shopping IRL. But as we’re all well aware, plenty of potential must-have pieces draw us in straight from an Instagram square—we instantly like, save to collection pages, and spiral off into a Google search to hunt it down. Naturally, there are specific types of styles that sell better than others. This is the case with the below five dress trends.

Following a look at popular boots and jewelry styles, we’ve enlisted the help of Like to to identify which dresses are selling best from the social media platform. As a bit of a middleman between influencers who share their personal style and e-commerce sites, LKT is able to determine which products get users clicking. And buying. Appropriately, the resulting top dress styles speak to some of the biggest trends of 2018.

If you haven't already tried one for yourself, feel free to peruse the options below and add one (or more) to your closet.