10 Things Who What Wear Editors Bought Because of Each Other

"It's an occupational hazard." That's what I usually tell my best friend, my mom, and Chase when I place another online order or look at my credit card bill. And quite often, it's an item I discovered while on the clock. For the record, I'm not alone here. Our teammates at Byrdie have shopped from our stories before (and vice versa!), and it's also not uncommon for a few Who What Wear editors to show up to the office in some of the same pieces we've recently acquired. But if this sounds like a big bunch of shopaholics, that's not the case either. It's simply this: Though I consider myself to be a pretty financially responsible person, when you work with a bunch of people with great taste, there's always temptation to shop. Below is a recording of the instances when we gave in.