An Uncanny Coincidence: Our Editors All Bought These 11 Things


(Image credit: @aemiliafay)

You know you spend too much time with your co-workers when you show up to work one day in the exact same outfit. But this is more of a daily occurrence in the Who What Wear offices. With a team that's constantly sharing links and working on stories highlighting the latest brands and trends, it's only natural that our wish lists bleed into each other a bit. But while we all may have our eye on the same items, we each style them in our own distinctive ways. For example, Kristen is all about the classics, Lauren can mix and match anything with Zara, and Nicole can make anything look expensive.

So despite all having our own unique perspectives on fashion, what are the pieces we're all stocking our wardrobes with right now? Below you'll find 11 key pieces on every Who What Wear editor's radar at this exact moment. Dresses, shoes, jewelry, it doesn't matter—there's a little something for you no matter what you're looking for (and however you'd categorize your personal style). Check it all out below.


Miaou's Florals
(Image credit: @aemiliafay)

The pants (and in some cases, the matching tops) are owned by no less than four of our editors. Miaou's playful pieces are easy to wear but are still plenty interesting.


Tibi's Ankle-Tie Sandals
(Image credit: @trustmebuythis)

Multiple team members had been eyeing these simple ankle-wrap sandals from Tibi, so you can bet that they finally went ahead and pulled the trigger when the shoes finally went on sale.


Susan Alexandra's Beaded Bags
(Image credit: @laurenegg)

Lauren is lucky enough to count bag designer Susan Alexandra as a friend, but the whole team has a thing for her colorful, fun, and summery bags.


A Chrystal Belt
(Image credit: @katcollings)

Kat was the first team member to score a crystal belt via Etsy, but everyone has found their own version of this sparkly statement-making accessory.


Nike Air Maxes
(Image credit: @annaflorencelaplaca)

Chunky sneakers have been a hot topic of discussion for the team since last fall, but out of all the options, it's Nike's Air Maxes that have won over the team the most.


Roxanne Assoulin Bracelets
(Image credit: @ginaalilibit)

The New York team had the chance to visit the Roxanne Assoulin office in person, but our editors have a thing for these colorful bracelets across both coasts.


Rixo's Dresses
(Image credit: @aemiliafay)

Rixo London's bold dresses have won over our team members. From me at 5'9" to the team members who consider themselves petite, these dresses work for all of us.


Solid and Striped Swimsuit
(Image credit: @laurenegg)

Whether a one-piece or a bikini is your thing, the range of retro-inspired (and flattering) styles from Solid & Striped are in constant rotation among our editors.


Lolita Sunglasses
(Image credit: @allypayer)

I'm pretty sure every editor on our team owns these sunglasses (some members own two pairs!). They're flattering, fun, and an easy way to instantly step up an outfit.


Sandy Liang's Delicate Eyelet Pieces
(Image credit: @aemiliafay)

New York–based designer Sandy Liang has a knack for mixing '90s nostalgia with a modern cool-girl twist. Her updated takes on dresses and blouses feel anything but fussy.


Who What Wear Satin Mules
(Image credit: @kristenmarienichols)

It should come as no surprise that the entire team has a thing for our Who What Wear collection, but currently, it's these punchy mules that we've all put in orders for.

Now you're all set to dress like a Who What Wear editor too. 

Aemilia Madden