I Work in Fashion, and I Just Can't Get Behind These 4 Trends (Plus 6 I'm Into)

I've been working in fashion for the last nine or so years, and during that time I've encountered what feels like thousands of trends. Some of them are nostalgic revivals like A-line miniskirts of the 1970s or bold shoulders à la the '80s, while others feel more experimental like Vetements memorable reworked jeans or the Balenciaga sock sneakers. Suffice it to say, I've seen a whole lot of trends and have subsequently developed an opinion or two about the subject matter.

Pictured Above: Sea Seraphina Dress ($170, was 425); Artisans of IQ Juliette Necklace ($350); Stella and Bow Elizabeth Chain Necklace ($150)

This summer, especially, there seems to be an emphasis on trends—not for the sake of following them but as a catalyst for developing your personal style. Loud textiles, dramatic silhouettes, quirky accessories—there are so many to choose from. Ahead, see which six I'm specifically jazzed about at the moment and the four that will not be making the cut in my closet for 2019 (sorry!).

Trend I'm Into: Tie-Dye

It's highly unlikely your next trip down the Instagram rabbit hole won't entail an encounter with a stylish person adorned in tie-dye—and that's a good thing. The resurgence of this psychedelic pattern brings back childhood memories of summer T-shirt creations in the front yard with buckets of water and dye, and thankfully it translates to adulthood quite well. Wear it however you please, whether it be bedecked on a bucket hat or via a pantsuit like Shiona Turini's below.

Trend I'm Into: Rainbow Rocks

I've been knee-deep in the seashell trend the last few months, but I'm coming up for air and replacing my aquatic delights with something a bit more colorful: rainbow beads. Usually accompanied by a baroque pearl or two, these bright and bold beauties make for a nice necklace or anklet that you can mix and match with other layering pieces.

Trend I'm Into: Strappy Low-Heel Sandals

Disclaimer: It took a long time for me to finally get on board with these sandals. I was initially turned off by the skinny kitten heel and barely there straps, but perhaps because I've seen them on literally every influencer and editor's foot, I now love them. Whatever the mystical process that led me down this path may be, I'm Team Strappy Sandals now, and you should be too. They dress up a pair of jeans super easily and also look great with all summer dresses. Plus, the low heel makes it feel like you're not overly dressed up, which I always appreciate in a shoe.

Trend I'm Into: Puff Sleeves

I grew up watching films like Anne of Green Gables and Little Women (Winona Ryder version, obvs), so my affinity for a nostalgic puff sleeve is strong. I love the way a dress with voluminous sleeves looks accessorized with a sporty sandal or even a top paired with printed trousers and sneakers—there are so many ways to pull off the puff right now.

Trend I'm Into: Ruched Crop Tops

I've never really been one to bare my midriff, however, I do make one exception, and that's when it's a crop top and high-waisted situation. Why? Because my belly button isn't out and about for the world to see, but I can show a slight sliver of skin via my waistline (which also happens to be my most toned area, so that's agreeable). All that said, I've been seeing a ton of ruched crop tops as of late, and I can't wait to wear one with my wide-leg sailor pants and woven sandals this summer.

Trend I'm Into: Tourist Hats

I'm unofficially coining the term "tourist hat" here; I hope that's okay. What does that even mean? Think of it as the counterpart to the "ugly sandals" trend everyone's wearing right now (Tevas, Birkenstocks, etc.). The hat features slightly dorky features like a neck strap or front flap detail—basically, it's anything you may have worn to a waterpark as a kid growing up.

Trend I Can't Get Behind: Bike Shorts

I know, I know, they look cool worn with unexpected layers like blazers and button-downs, but I just can't get down with bike shorts worn as actual shorts. 

Trend I Can't Get Behind: Flip-Flops

Listen, I support you and your feet being as comfortable as humanly possible, but I've yet to see a pair of flip-flops that don't make me squirm. So many toes.

Trend I Can't Get Behind: D-Frame Sunglasses

Yes, these sporty-meets-futuristic sunglasses are having a moment, but it's actually really difficult to pull them off without looking like a goober.

Trend I Can't Get Behind: Wedges

To be fair, I've never really loved wedges. They somehow also end up making me look like I'm about to topple over.

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