8 Jeans You'll Get the Most Wear Out Of, Ranked

One of the simplest ways to practice sustainability is by getting maximum mileage out of your clothing. Buying a piece and wearing it every which way not only makes you feel good about the investment from a financial standpoint, but it also helps to slow down the fashion cycle. No, this isn't necessarily an article about sustainable fashion, but the spirit of it definitely speaks to the idea of getting your bang for your buck, and if we can the help the planet in the process, consider us onboard.

Denim (the actual topic of today's story) ranks high among the items in our closets we wear the absolute most. We wear jeans on vacation, on the weekend, and some of us even can wear them to work. They're not going anywhere, and they're always a consideration when putting together an outfit. Because of this, we thought it might prove useful to break down the styles and silhouettes that are the most wearable. Because a) it's almost 2019, and b) it's fun to rank things, so just go with it.

Scroll all the way down to find out which jean style ranked #1, and shop the gaps in your wardrobe along the way.

#8: Slouchy


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They've been called "baggy" or "boyfriend," but we're calling them slouchy because it's time for a rebranding. Slouchy jeans may not always rank high on the sort of style that accentuates your shape, but that's not what they're there for. Rather, they're there to give your look a step in the more insouciant, effortless direction. If you find yourself inspired by '90s fashion or just want to try something wildly comfortable and simultaneously cool, slip into these.

#7: High Waist


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High-waist jeans have long been a mainstay for those looking to highlight their waists—and for good reason. This silhouette looks polished when paired with a tucked-in top and smart loafers or heels, and is rarely not a flattering choice. Why isn't it ranked higher on the list, then? Simply put, pants that have the ability to make us feel like we need to go pee when we actually don't are not pants we can wear every day.

#6: Wide Leg


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Wide-leg jeans, not to be mistaken with slouchy jeans, are a fun break from the expected skinny. They create fluidity and volume, and often feel more like a pair of trousers than standard jeans. The only shortcoming is that if you're, well, short, these can be more challenging to pull off. Our solution would be to get them hemmed to look like flood pants. That way you can show off your ankles and add some height.

#5: Boot-Cut


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Boot-cut jeans have seen a resurgence this year thanks to beloved denim brands incorporating them into their collections. Everything from the rise to the hem makes these an ultra-flattering choice. We suggest wearing them with their namesake shoe for optimal results.

#4: Ankle Crop


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It's hard not to look great in a pair of ankle-crop jeans. No matter your body shape or height, showing off a little ankle instantly elongates your body and also opens up the door for more shoe (and sock!) opportunities.

#3: Straight Leg


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Every denim company has their own version, and it's no coincidence. The straight-leg jean is a timeless style that goes with everything in your closet. Whether you're dressing them up for the office with a blazer and button-down or paring them down for a dinner out with a blouse and heels, they're always going to be there for you when you're in a pickle.

#2: Skinny


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The sheer amount of articles on the internet about skinny jeans and their many wonders is enough to motivate us to rank these as #2 on our list. If you need help being convinced, head over to read about the three skinny jeans that never lose their popularity, an honest review of Zara's skinny jeans (and how to style them), and the best skinny jeans on the planet, according to an editor.

#1: Kick Crop


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Drumroll, please! Yes, we proclaim that kick crop (also known as crop flares) are the most wearable jeans style of the moment. The slim leg married with a shortened hemline combined with a slight kick out at the ankle makes them not only extremely flattering but also extremely wearable. They look perfect with flats, heels, ankle boots and even work with a smartly styled pair of socks. Wear your kick crops with a brightly-colored sweater or even try a dress-over-jeans look for an adventurous outfit—we swear the options are endless.

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