The Fashion Dresses I'm Wearing Throughout My Overly Packed Holiday Calendar

There's so much to address right off the bat with this story: I know I, too, cannot believe we're already nearing the 2021 holiday season. I myself am also shocked there's even talk of holiday soirées and office parties. So yes, as the temperatures drop, we are going to do the opposite of last year and step out in our best looks instead of cozying up on the couch in loungewear. I'm surprised and in the best way possible! There's something about the holiday season that lends itself to dressing to the nines, and that's exactly what I plan to do. Every trend is on my shopping list, and I've included the entire thing below. Keep scrolling for my favorite fashion dresses at every price point.

I love the little ball puffs on these sleeves. They look so chic.

I bring you this year's sleeves, this year's cutouts, and this year's ruching. You're welcome in advance for all the compliments.

Feathers are in this season, and I ask you this: What possibly could be more festive than that?

Look, I can't show my legs and curves every night, okay? I love the idea of wearing this billowy frock with knee-high leather boots.

I hope the name of this dress is referring to the finish line because it's a winner.

This dress will be perfect for those crisp outdoor holiday events. That cutout will pop from underneath a coat if you need to layer up, too.