The Rules to Follow Every Time You Buy Something New

A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. I’ve certainly been there before, and I’m betting that many of you have as well. To me, there is really nothing worse than spending my hard-earned money on a pair of shoes or a new dress that I’ll have second thoughts about a few months down the road. And equally important, I can’t bring myself to take up valuable closet space at home with something new unless I really love it.

As a fashion editor, I’ve learned some very important shopping rules that I follow when adding new pieces to my closet. I still make a few mistakes and shopping regrets along the way, but I’ve really cut down on them by sticking to these rules each time I’m making a new purchase. Ahead, I’m breaking down the five key rules to follow if you want to build a closet of pieces you love instead of items that will end up in the resale pile.