Calling It: The New It Bag of Fall 2019

Fall Tote Bag Trend



It might be early to start gambling on the new It trends for fall 2019, but mini shopping tote bags are one trend we're betting major money on. Although we are still a few months away from the fall/winter season, designers both old and new have been putting forth the cutest new mini bags we ever did see. Each is reminiscent of a shopper-style tote bag—but shrunken. If you're one of those "everything looks cute when it's mini" kind of people, then prepare to freak out over all these mini totes you're about to see.

Since this is a trend that is certainly still bubbling, there are naturally a few brands that are owning the space (for the time being). One of them is a newer handbag brand we love dearly, Medea. It was named one of the members of the new class of designer bags not too long ago, so the fact that the name is now leading this particular trend space is exciting, to say the least. Don't worry—affordable retailers like Urban Outfitters and Pixie Market have also begun to jump on the mini-shopper-tote trend, which means come fall, our options will be endless.

Ahead, check out some of our favorite versions of this mini-tote-bag trend, and be sure to keep an eye out for the rise of this style as we get closer to fall 2019.

Leave it to The Row to make the chicest canvas mini tote. 

For $6, you might as well take the lot. 

One more Medea bag for good measure. 

This one is a bit more unusual, but a mini tote nonetheless. 

Finally, a statement bag that goes with everything. 

This bold color will make any outfit instantly more exciting. 

A little less structured than the rest but still a fun and affordable way to ease into the trend. 

Contrast this with a slime-green skirt for a look to remember. 

Wear this before summer is officially over.