The 5 Sneaker Trends You'll See Everywhere This Fall

Heels will always have their time and place in any fashion lover’s wardrobe, but you can’t ignore the level of impact sneakers have had on the industry, and, of course, our closets. Blame it on athleisure and streetwear, two aesthetics currently dominating the sartorial realm, or the growing importance of comfort in what we wear—a trend we surely can’t complain about—but it’s nearly impossible to look through an It girl’s closet and not find a few pairs of sneakers.

Like every other area of fashion, sneakers come with their own sets of trends each season. You’ve already seen dad sneakers take over as the one of the biggest (and most unexpected) shoe trends, but for this fall, there are some new styles to keep on your radar.

From bright, bold, statement-making ‘80s-inspired styles to sleek and elevated platforms (sorry, we had to!), scroll down to see which sneaker trends are about to be everywhere this season. Then shop each trend to make it your own.

'80s Redux

This fall, we're seeing a new type of statement sneaker in bright, bold, and big '80s-inspired styles. Opt for a pair that adds pops of color to your ensembles, or go for a space-age style for a Back to the Future vibe.

There's no doubt that these will brighten up you fall ensembles.

The oversize details of these are everything.

While these will undoubtedly make a statement, they also feel classic.

Classic Vans get a cool, '80s-inspired update.

Elevated Platforms

While sleek, classic sneakers will always have a place in your closet, a platform will give them a modern touch as well as an edge.

You'll never want to take off these luxe leather sneakers.

Superga's classic sneaker is taken to new heights.

Heavy Tread Sneaker Boots

Think of the sneaker boot as a blend between the popular dad sneakers and hiking-style boots. With chunky soles, major tread marks, and a sleek high-rise around the ankle, these will definitely make a statement. 

Gucci's sneaker boots have been a popular choice among fashion girls everywhere. 

A sleek black-and-white pair for the minimalists out there.

Wear these with a pair of cargo pants or skinny jeans.

Tibi makes some of the best shoes out there, and these are no exception.

Undeniably Sporty

With athleisure getting increasingly popular, it only makes sense that cool, sporty sneakers would be a rising trend. Wear these for your next workout or errand run.

If you love the look of running shoes, opt for this luxe version.

Stella McCartney's platform sneakers are a cool take on the athleisure trend.

Leave it to Tretorn to create a modern—and stylish—version of its streamlined sneakers.

Mindfully Sustainable

Perhaps you already noticed, but more companies are taking a sustainable approach to their products, and it's especially true of the sneaker industry. Opt for a consciously and sustainably made pair to reduce your carbon footprint.

When you need to clean these, just throw them in the washing machine.

These sneakers are made with premium natural materials and are consciously made.

If you want to leave a smaller carbon footprint, these shoes use less energy, less waste, and 54% less virgin plastic.  

This style is made from ethically sourced leather and other consciously considered materials.

As you face transitional weather, wear these boots with all your dresses this fall.