The '80s Are Trending Hard Right Now—10 Outfits We Fully Plan on Copying

When it comes to '80s fashion, there’s often a big divide. Either you’re totally there for the daring prints, the pronounced shoulders, and the oversize jackets, or you like to keep it a little more conservative and stick with more recent trends. The reality is, however, whether you think you’re an '80s fan or not, a few key modern trends have that audacious era to thank.

From the ribbed corset you pull out for date night to the off-the-shoulder top that’s not entirely office-appropriate but definitely cute, you might be surprised to see how much the '80s has infiltrated your closet. In fact, our favorite influencers have already hopped aboard the bandwagon and can frequently be found wearing totally '80s-inspired outfits. That’s why we’ve rounded them up and shown you how to re-create the best easy '80s outfits because, really, we all need an oversize blazer in our wardrobe.

Blazers With Jeans

There is truly no combo that is as simply sophisticated as an oversize blazer paired with boyfriend jeans. Truthfully, that exact ensemble has taken me from many a workday to an après-work dinner date. I would likely wear it nearly every day if I didn’t fear the dreaded outfit repetition. An oversize blazer is a perfect way to upgrade a look in a casually cool way that feels put together with just the right amount of pizazz (that's an '80s word, right?).

Bodysuit With Pearls

Nothing screams date night like a sultry corset or bodysuit that looks like an undergarment but most certainly can be worn alone. With a certain come-hither vibe, this season’s underwear-as-outerwear can be paired with everything from jeans to midi skirts. It’s always a plus when, with one corset, you can upgrade a white tank top from sweats at home to stylish night out.

Structured Shoulders

If the term "shoulder pads" gives you hives, just say "structured shoulders"; we won’t tell. The fact is, the padding gives form to otherwise oversize and shapeless garments, providing the perfect balance. Consider pairing a bold blazer with biker shorts for a look straight out of the '80s, or pair it with a patterned midi skirt for a more modern vibe.

Socks (With Sandals!)

Let’s face it, we’ve all been wondering how to properly style statement socks with shoes like loafers or, if you’re daring, sandals. Bright, patterned socks took center stage in the '80s and they're back with a vengeance in 2019. Fortunately, today's fashion girls have taken the plunge and given us the exact inspo we need to wear a pair of orange socks with loafers—or sheer socks with sandals. Go big or… wear long pants, right?


Suns out, legs out—is that the saying? Regardless, it’s what we’re seeing with the recent rejuvenation of the miniskirt. While my legs have been in hibernation throughout the winter months, they're ready to reappear in a big way with the shortest miniskirts I can get my (reasonable) hands on. You know what this trend would look really great with? Statement socks and sandals. 

High-Waisted Jeans

It’s likely that you already own approximately 10 pairs of these and didn’t even know their origin. It’s true, your most flattering pair of jeans come straight from the '80s and, boy, am I grateful. They're certainly the most versatile item in my closet, and I pair them with everything from teeny crop tops that would otherwise expose way too much of my body, to significantly oversize blazers when I feel like going the exact opposite direction.


The beauty of fringe is that it can apply to any and all pieces of your wardrobe—from bags to shoes and beyond—but a personal favorite is always a fringe dress. I can't help but twirl back and forth when my dress is encased in fringe. Truthfully, that’s the kind of positive energy I’m looking for in 2019. Not that I won’t buy a fringe beach bag to match, of course…

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees may seem like an eternal staple, but they owe a significant portion of their popularity to supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss who truly brought them to a supremely edgy place. The best part of a graphic tee? They’re the easiest addition to any outfit you can dream up.

Oversize Denim Jackets

Despite the fact that it is truly and finally summer, NYC weather seems to have different plans as the forecast still reads low temps and rain. Cue the oversize denim jacket. Asides from being entirely practical as the perfect light layer, denim makes for the universal cool-girl jacket when paired over, say, a graphic tee!

Polka Dots

What did I say about polka dots? Every summer wardrobe needs a few, perhaps in the form of a statement-making dress. Perhaps, alternatively, littered over a midi skirt. Either way, you’re bound to stand out in the best way possible. Polka dots were made to party with high heels at weddings or while barefoot on the beach.

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