15 Fresh Ways to Wear Plaid Pants This Fall

When you think about plaid, perhaps your mind turns to that short-lived grunge phase you had back in middle school. As for us, we tend to equate plaid with fall, and this upcoming season, that's a very good thing—the print was all over the runways at fashion week, and high-street and high-fashion retailers alike are stocking their shelves accordingly. And one of the easiest ways to dip a toe into the trend is via a cool pair of plaid pants. Sure, they might feel a bit nostalgic or punk, but the outfits we've rounded up ahead will show you 15 fresh ways to style this playful print no matter how you define your personal style.

Don't be afraid to mix and match your prints. 

And don't be afraid of bright plaids either. 

Perfect pants for a walk on the beach.

Opt for matching plaid sets for a cool and composed look. 

Compliment your bold one-shoulder sweater with neutral plaid pants. 

Or make your sweater stand out with a pair of pink plaid pants. 

Private-school plaid, but make it fashion.

There's not a better pair of pants to go with your black turtlenecks. 

Have fun layering and experimenting with prints and colors this fall. 

Perfect weekend attire right here. 

The ultimate plaid power suit. 

Add a twist to your monochromatic outfits. 

Printed corduroy blazers and plaid pants = the combo you didn't know you needed to try. 

All your fall go-to pieces in one cool outfit. 

Who knew plaid pants and snakeskin boots would look so good together? 

Wardrobe in need of a few new plaid pieces? Right this way…

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