11 Fall Jewelry Trends Hollywood Stylists Are Betting On

Though we're still in the throes of summer, we here at Who What Wear can't stop talking about fall trends. For those just joining us, please see our guide to the most popular shoes of the season and the color trends that everyone will be wearing in two months. While we've also already shared our fall jewelry trends report, we just had to know which trends the pros are buying into this season. Who better to weigh in on the topic than Hollywood stylists whose jobs basically involve predicting up-and-coming trends?

Ahead, we asked celebrity stylists who've worked with the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Kourtney Kardashian, Becky G, and Jessica Alba share the only accessories that matter this fall. From elevated anklets to punk pearls to edgy metals, these are the jewelry trends Candice Lambert, Dani Michelle, Morgan Pinney, and Mecca Cox are betting on this season. If you want to be ahead of the curve, keep scrolling and add an assortment of expert-approved earrings, bracelets, anklets, and rings to your cart stat.

Elevated Anklets

“Anklets are back from the ’90s and having a huge moment. You can get them gold, crystallized, or even pearl, and they bring a sexy touch to a dress or short moment. If you are very bold in your fashion, wear them over your tights on a night out.”— Candice Lambert

Gold Hoops

“I love gold hoops for fall! They have been in style since ancient civilization and they will continue to be a great addition to a look. Jennifer Fisher Jewelry makes great ones that just add a pop of street style or a statement for a less polished look.”— Candice Lambert 

“[Gold hoop earrings] are a classic timeless statement piece without feeling over the top and just give a little edge to your look and warmth to your face. You can go from tiny hugging hoops, to which I like to adding small hanging charms for variety, to larger hoops, but I tend to prefer the thicker hoops that are not too large in circumference for a chic-but-cool vibe.” — Mecca Cox

Stackable Rainbow Rings

“I love the rainbow rings by H. Crowne because they are stackable and bring a colorful, playful vibe to a look. You can pile them on or put one on each finger to bring a little pop to your outfit.” — Candice Lambert

Punk Pearls

“Whether earrings, necklaces, imbedded into clothes, or silver, I'm really loving how something that was so serious is becoming more juxtaposed into the cool.” — Dani Michelle

Oversize Statement Earrings

“I still can’t get enough of massive, oversize, and even mismatched statement earrings that steal the show. When girls show up in these earrings, it always draws my eye to their confidence and glamour.” — Dani Michelle

Edgy Metals

“I love mixing super-tough-looking jewelry with simple looks. Alexander McQueen always features fun edgy jewelry on the runway, and it’s a great way to turn a simple look into a badass one.” — Morgan Pinney

Thick Hoops

“Thick hoops are a fun variation of a classic style. Jennifer Fisher’s are so light and don’t weigh down your ears, so they’re perfect for everyday wear.” — Morgan Pinney

Layered Earrings

“I love the look of multiple earrings on one ear, and it gives you the freedom to wear all your favorite earrings at once!” — Morgan Pinney

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

“What’s more effortlessly glamorous than a diamond tennis bracelet? I love that they tend to be considered jewelry for a woman of a certain age, or associated with a sophisticated lady on Dynasty or something, but putting one on a young girl is cool because of that juxtaposition.

"Also, there are so many cool jewelry designers making them in slightly unique ways that reinvent the way we see them right now. My mom has a really beautiful one that I’ve tried to steal from her—and the point is there’s no woman who doesn’t look good in a diamond bracelet! It elevates you in just the right way.” — Mecca Cox

Everyday Statement Rings

“Typically I tend to wear very fine small rings and bands, with or without stones that I can layer. I love these gorgeous tiny rings by Yi Guo. People always complement this ring, and I love that you can choose from a variety of stone types.” — Mecca Cox