5 Denim Trends We'll See Everywhere This Fall and 1 That Won't Be as Popular

Denim silhouettes, like many items, follow the ebb and flow of the trend cycle. There are often specific cuts that increase in popularity from season to season. Alternatively, there are usually a few styles that don't end up being as popular for some. But of course, given that uncovering a go-to pair of jeans is extremely personal, you should always wear whatever you love—despite what might be more in demand.

With all that in mind, I polled my fellow fashion editors to get their thoughts on the denim trends that would be front-runners for fall as well as one that might not shine as bright in the spotlight. 

While skinny jeans are basically timeless, most agreed that mid-rise skinny jeans wouldn't be as favored as high-rise skinny jeans. But there are five styles we all collectively think will be hits in the coming months.

To showcase these styles, I pulled visual inspiration, along with product recommendations, to inspire your denim shopping. Keep scrolling for more.

1. Dark Jeans


(Image credit: @aude_julie)

While lighter-wash jeans are 100% a mainstay (there are a lot of silhouettes coming your way), dark denim will have a moment come fall. We saw so many top-notch indigo and darker silhouettes in the collections.

2. Low-Rise Jeans


(Image credit: @camillecharriere)

Whether you're ready for it or not, Y2K fashion is back. And yep, that means low-rise jeans will continue to rise in popularity throughout the season.

3. Baggy Jeans


(Image credit: @venswifestyle)

Baggier jeans started becoming more and more popular over the last few seasons, and the look will continue to hold strong for fall 2021 to bring a forward twist to an ensemble.

4. Bootcut Jeans


(Image credit: @lenafarl)

Flares will certainly still be a hit, but it's bootcut jeans that many will also gravitate toward.

5. Distressed Jeans


(Image credit: @kingharriet52)

As some of the silhouettes above showcase, distressed jeans will continue to shine as an effortless denim choice.

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Bobby Schuessler
Market Director

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