Everything You Need to Know About the Fall 5

If you want to discover the most unique and forward clothing trends around, head to the sites of any top fashion blogger and you will strike some serious gold. This season, the trends overall are ones we are looking forward to wearing such as velvet, athleisure, and even sequins. However, there are a handful of fall clothing trends that bloggers appear to be more excited about than others, and they are meant solely for the fashion girls at heart. 

We have narrowed the pieces these bloggers are wearing down to five, and let us tell you, picking your favorite is nearly impossible. Starting with patent leather miniskirts and ending with crisp white shoes, the fall clothing trends you're about to shop are worth every penny. The best part about the "fall five" (as we like to call it), is that no matter how you style each, you are guaranteed to make quite a statement wherever you go for the rest of the season. 

Keep reading to shop the five fall clothing trends fashion bloggers are wearing now!