6 Very Important Ways We Wore Puffer Jackets This Season

I’d estimate that my boyfriend’s family is responsible for around 80% of UNIQLO’s annual revenue. Should you ever happen to travel to Marin County, California, and feel unsure as to what the weather might do, rest assured that Rob and Mitzi will encourage you to help yourself to a feather-light puffer vest from the hall closet in the color of your choice… and if the fashion crowd is anything to go by, you’ll be right on trend.

Marshmallow-light puffer layers have gone the way of fashion sneakers, providing further evidence that effortless-cool vibes are easily achieved by simply appropriating items from your (or your mom’s) off-duty wardrobe. Add A+ accessories (mock-croc bags, white boots, excellent eyewear), and go about your day as though getting dressed this morning was no big deal.

My babes Jill Wallace and Lainy Hedaya are 100% backing me up, proof that from West Hollywood to the Upper East Side, getting puffy is most definitely a thing. Starring their personal Ultra Light Down faves from UNIQLO, here are the on- and off-duty looks injecting life into this last bit of winter that just seems to drag on (and on and on).