I'm Revamping My Shoe Collection for the Fall—These Boots Deserve a Spot



For me, a clear indication that summer has turned into fall is not when the temperature drops but when my roommate and I begin competing for space on our shared shoe rack. My shoes are currently taking up the most space, and it's only going to get worse now that I've discovered this selection of fall boots at Net-a-Porter. (Sorry, roomie.) In my defense, these are some of the chicest boots on the market, and it just wouldn't be fair to deprive myself of these textured, heeled, and classic styles. My shoe collection needs a little seasonal upgrade, and I'm ready to invest in boots that will stand the test of time. Are you also shopping around for your next fall boot? If so, stay on this page, and keep scrolling for my top picks from Net-a-Porter.

Suede Boots

Rubber Boots

Leather Boots

Shearling Boots