If Fall Boots Had a Popularity Contest, These Would Win


Collage Vintage

Get in, readers. We're going shopping. There's a boot trend hitting up the sartorial circuit that's too striking to miss, and after one too many street style sightings, we knew it was time to give this shoe style its deserved moment in the spotlight. Thanks to the old Céline (RIP), the rise of dual-texture boots, both ankle and over-the-knee, has skyrocketed. Designers and fast-fashion retailers alike have taken inspiration from those famous boots and since churned out similar styles in their own iterations. Now, as we climb to the peak of fall 2018, it's been proven that these dual-texture boots are the sleek addition to your footwear collection you didn't know you needed.

Sift through the boot section on any of your favorite e-commerce site and you will inevitably come across these multi-texture boots. The good news is whether you're looking to spend a pretty penny on a pair of investment boots or are just here for the short run and want a quick, trendy fix, the below boot selection will have you feeling satisfied in no time. Style the shoe trend with everything from jeans and a T-shirt or sweater (our favorite thing to wear our new ankle boots with) or, if the heel is formal enough, with a winter cocktail dress. Trust us when we say there's a reason these boots climbed their way to the top this season, so purchasing a pair of your own is in your absolute best interest.