25 Face Masks to Buy Based on Your Personal Style

Personal style cannot be categorized in just five small descriptors, but for the digestibility of this story, that's exactly what I did. Think of this as one of those articles you used to read in teen magazines that told you which celebrity crush you're most likely to marry or which trend you should buy according to your zodiac sign—except this time, the category is face masks. In light of coronavirus, face masks have become a new staple and requirement worldwide. Naturally, the fashion industry has risen to the occasion, and already the stylish options provided to us by brands and designers alike feel endless. 

There are countless options out there, so we don't. blame you if you're not sure of where to start. While I know you can't put your style type into a box, I listed out the five categories that you might most easily be able to identify with below. We also included a plethora of cute face masks and a few style tips along the way so you'll leave here with an online shopping cart full of this new accessory and some ideas of how to style it. 


Face Mask Styling



You keep things pretty simple but aren't afraid of a little color and a classic print. 

Style Tip: Wear a striped mask with a comfortable loungewear look and sporty sandals. 


There probably isn't a trend you haven't tried—like tie-dye, animal prints, and co-ord scrunchie masks. 

Style Tip: Lean into a bold color moment with a contrasting shirt-and-mask duo. Finish the look with tailored shorts and retro sneakers.


Face Mask Styling



When you open your closet, you see prints, colors, and textures galore, and you wouldn't want to have it any other way. 

Style Tip: Match your mask to your pants and prove to the world that wearing a mask doesn't have to feel like an inconvenience, it can be a new way to display your personal style. 


Face Mask Styling



Neutrals and quality basics define your sartorial lifestyle, and that's not about to change now that masks have entered the picture. 

Style Tip: Keep things simple with a solid-colored face mask, blazer, and leggings. 

Shop minimalistic face masks:


Floral dresses, ruffled tops, and delicate details are what you're most drawn to in an outfit, so it's no surprise that your masks are on the same page. 

Style Tip: Try a floral-on-floral look the next time you slip into your favorite romantic frock this summer.