I've Been Interviewing Makeup Artists for Years—Everyone Loves These 20 It Items



Being the makeup- and beauty-obsessed child and preteen that I was, I used to comb through my monthly magazine subscriptions—think Allure, Cosmo, InStyle, and more—and cut out every last product recommendation and piece of advice from the most elite makeup artists. Said cutouts would then be pasted into a precociously detailed scrapbook/binder situation, and eventually, I'd refer to them the next time I begged my mom to take me to Sephora. (Clearly, I've found the right career path.)

Well, pinch me, because I now get to meet and interview all of those legendary makeup artists I used to read about and worship, and sometimes, I even get to be a fly on the wall as they work their magic and prep A-list clientele before events and red carpets. While I no longer have that ancient filing system from my youth, I do keep a detailed brain log of the It products I see used again and again by the best makeup pros in the business—whether they're skin-prep essentials or long-lasting makeup staples. And below, I'm sharing! Keep scrolling for 20 beauty items all of the industry's best makeup artists absolutely love.

I've honestly lost track of the number of makeup artists who use this creamy eye shadow (specifically in the shade Groundwork) as both a primer and a shadow to add subtle definition and depth to the eye area.

Makeup artists love this rich lip liner. It's the absolute best pick when you're looking for a little smoke-and-mirrors action to subtly reshape, resize, and balance the look of your lips. 

The name doesn't lie! According to makeup artists, there's no better formula for seriously thick and voluminous lashes than the icon, Monsieur Big. Plus, you'll get smudge- and flake-free wear for a full 24 hours, so let the shenanigans roll without having to worry about touch-ups.

Meet the crème de la crème of all concealers. It's hard to beat this award-winning formula, as it brightens, camouflages, and corrects any and all skin woes without budging until you want it to.

If you're looking to make your skin extra sparkly before a night out or a big event, do like celebs and their makeup artists, and prep your skin with this 24k gold, rose-injected hydrogel mask.

This expert-approved liquid lipstick proves even the most pigmented formulas don't have to be drying and chalky looking. It's a velvety red carpet regular.

This multiuse stick is a trade secret in the industry. You can use it anywhere, from underneath your clavicles to on your Cupid's bow, to channel the most ethereal and celeb-esque of glows.

Drool-inducing shades aside, these creamy blush sticks from makeup legend Gucci Westman are packed with high-quality, clean ingredients, so your actual skin will thank you, too. You'll want this one in every color.

There are quite a few skincare staples from Caudalie that makeup artists routinely vouch for, but this beautifying mist is one that comes up again and again. It sets makeup, zips up pores, and gives the complexion a pretty veil of luminosity—no highlighter needed. 

Every makeup artist (and so many celebs) I've talked to absolutely fawns over this beloved cream bronzer from Chanel. It's a unique, featherlight cream-gel hybrid that boasts a highly blendable, velvet-matte finish, so your sun-kissed glow will look 100% natural and not like it came from a makeup product.

Not only does this French rose-infused lip balm smell dreamy, but it also features strategic ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, and ceramides to boost cell renewal, nourish, and heal the lips. (Pro tip: It also works wonders on ragged cuticles.)

When you try this highly rated sculpting brow pen, you'll understand both the buzz and why makeup artists love it.

A more beloved foundation among makeup artists does not exist. The formula provides oil-free coverage with the most beautiful and satiny of finishes.

I've heard from multiple makeup artists that this two-in-one bronze and highlight palette frequently "goes missing" when they're working with celeb clients. The universally flattering shades are created from a refined golden base that suits all skin tones, and the carefully designed ratio of pearl and golden pigments deliver an unparalleled glow.

Pre-makeup, you'll often spot celebrities lounging around their hotel suites wearing these 24k gold and colloidal gold–enriched eye masks. Why? They help firm and lift the eye area in roughly 10 minutes. 

Say what you like about the price, but no other rose water spray can compete with this expert-approved pick, and you'll find it on the vanities and in the kits of makeup artists and beauty editors alike. The fact that it contains 100% of the rare Rose de Mai, including the total extract of the petals and all of its precious essential oils, is what separates it from all others.

Even though we may reach for a foundation to give ourselves a bit more coverage, we still want our skin to look like skin. This iconic oil-free gel formula is frequently used on movie and TV sets (ahem, Euphoria) to ensure A-list peeps have flawless skin sans any product detection. 

Makeup artists love this creamy mask from Sisley Paris because it provides instant gratification in terms of bouncy, energized-looking skin. Even the dullest, hungover complexion (e.g., me every Sunday morning) doesn't stand a chance against potent anti-aging and antioxidant-rich ingredients in this mask.

There's nothing worse than foundation or concealer that looks cakey, dry, and desert-like around the delicate eye area. Makeup artists like to apply this super-famous eye concentrate pre-makeup to instantly troubleshoot dark circles, wrinkles, and dryness. 

Makeup artists always extol the importance of skin prep, explaining that your makeup is only going to look as good as your skin allows it to. So many pros use Augustinus Bader's cult-loved Rich Cream to give their clients an intense dose of moisture and a natural hit of radiance. File this under "beauty products that are worth the price tag."