Fashion Fatigue Had Me Until These Exciting Pieces Showed Up

It might be controversial to admit this (especially as an editor), but sometimes, I get bored of fashion. Seeing clothes essentially 24/7, my "boredom" is really more a feeling of fatigue than anything else. And when this mood strikes, it's difficult to find pieces that actually thrill me. However, I definitely can't say that's true for the items below.

Even deep into my mental overload, these finds have managed to lift my spirits and make me feel excited about getting dressed again. I've begun imagining all of the quirky and cool ways I can style each piece, collecting mood boards to help along the way. If you're going through a similar rut, take a peek at the selection below—I promise they will make you feel something. Hopefully, you'll find some sartorial inspiration too. Keep scrolling to shop them all.

One of the big trends to emerge lately is floral chokers. It's a fun finishing detail to a fancy dress or top.

October is still relatively warm in SoCal, so I'll be wearing blouses like this all season.

I can't stop thinking about metallic boots.

Let's hope this top is not sold out in a few days.

It's probably time to go jacket shopping!

Style this skirt with tall heeled boots for a take on elevated casual.

This is my motto for pants in 2022: the baggier the better.

There are so many places where you could wear this set.

The decadent brown leather makes these look so expensive.

Give me this entire outfit.

Mix metals so you never have to decide whether you're wearing all silver or all gold.

This cardigan is relatively simple, but the slim silhouette adds a bit of spice. 

From the mint green to the cape construction, this piece is such a showstopper. 

I've always been into biker jackets, and the lilac here is so unique.

Have you seen many pairs of jeans like this? Probably not.