They're Here: The 9 Engagement Ring Trends That Will Dominate in 2021

Shopping for an engagement ring can be... daunting. Between knowing the specs like carats, cuts, settings, and metals, there's so much to learn and ultimately choose from. Add in considerations like your personal taste and budget and there's so much to think about it will send you spinning. Adding trends on top of all of that? Forget about it. That's where we come in. As it is with ready-to-wear and other accessories, engagement rings do also go through a trend cycle—certain styles can be "in" one minute and "out" the next. As I said, it's a lot to absorb. 

Here to take off some of the pressure of knowing it all are some of the most talented jewelry designers in the business who are going to fill us in on the most popular engagement ring trends for 2021. Each one provided a trend that they have already seen quickly grow in popularity this year and of course, we shopped the best versions of each to get your wheels turning. From vintage cuts (that are sustainable, too) to non-traditional stones that are just as brilliant as diamonds, the nine engagement ring trends ahead are sure to get your wheels turning and your jaws dropping. 


Baguette Diamonds

"There are so many engagement rings choices available, our customers are always searching for something unique. Baguette diamond accents have been very popular and will continue to rise. These rectangle cut stones have a flash of sparkle and add a touch of Art Deco style to a ring." — Ashley Zhang

Multi-Stone Rings

"Anything from two-stone toi et moi to multi-stone cluster rings—this style sometimes stems from clients who have multiple heirloom diamonds that they would like to incorporate or the bride who can't decide between two different diamond cuts we will pick two and pair together." – Grace Lee

"We saw this a bit last year but I think it will become more prevalent in the engagement world this year. Since the trend did so well as just fashion pieces, I can see a more elevated version coming into play in 2021. However, bigger isn't always better in regard to this style. My advice for shopping two stone rings is to pay attention to stone size—if the stones are too big, it can take away from the design and doesn't allow for much appreciation of each individual stone." — Shahla Karimi

Round and Oval Shapes

"Trends being seen going into 2021 are round and oval diamonds set in thin bands—both pavé and simple settings in platinum. These are classic shapes that stand the test of time and any bride will love forever." — Micaela Erlanger, celebrity fashion and bridal stylist

Simple and Modern

"We've definitely seen some distinct patterns in the past year that would imply there will be a new fondness for simple designs that still read as modern and not just 'off the shelf’, like our Bezel Rosette." — Anna Sheffield

Signet Styles

"Strong and bold settings with fluid form have been increasingly popular for us, they are not only really comfortable and practical to wear but they protect the stone and allow for an understated bridal look. Our Aphrodite Ring and Claude Ring both embrace this trend and easily allow for a wedding band to stack alongside." — Claire Hammon, creative director, Meadowlark Jewelry

"I am seeing a rise in the request for thicker bands and the signet style is a seamless way to set diamonds with a thicker band." — Lee

Old European Cuts

"Antique cuts have become trendier over the years and I am obsessed with them. Old European cuts are the antique version of the modern brilliant cut. They have facets and a distinct antique look. What sets old European cuts apart from their modern counterpart is that no two are exactly the same! Our clients love that old Europeans are unique and special and that’s why I believe they will stand the test of time! Another great thing about old European cuts is that they tend to face up white and bright, so you can go lower in color, making them a great value." — Olivia Landau, founder and CEO, The Clear Cut

"I think sustainability will continue to be a popular trend. Many clients like using antique diamonds as they are recycled. Not only are these stones environmentally friendly but they usually are priced very well for their size. Each stone is one of a kind, and was cut and polished by hand over 100 years ago." — Zhang

Petite Side Stones

"I absolutely love petite side stones because they are a modern take on a classic look (the three-stone ring). Having super small side stones also makes the ring look super delicate which is in style right now! Our super skinny solitaire setting is one of our most requested rings because it is so dainty, and makes it look like your diamond is floating. Petite side stones give the same feel: effortless, delicate, and stunning! The most popular petite side stones right now are pears and tapered baguettes." — Landau

Heavy Bands

"Things have felt in constant flux this year and naturally people are gravitating towards items that make them feel grounded. Heavy jewelry has always done that for me. I think we'll see commitment jewelry that is less stone-centric, a little non-traditional, bands with some heft. They're unfussy and easy to wear and there's something empowering about wearing a smooth, solid hunk of gold.” — Laura Powers, designer and founder, Bruce

"We really try to not bucket anyone in terms of styles. We have a few rings with diamonds or gemstones that are balanced by a more "masculine" design sense, that get a lot of attention from people looking for a bolder look. For example, with our Brier, the simplicity of the round diamond is complemented by the sumptuous curves of the bezel and band." — Jess Hannah, co-founder and designer, Ceremony

Non-Traditional Stones

"Teal sapphire stones. This color is currently our most requested for the center stone as an alternative to diamonds in engagement rings. They exist in a variety

of hues from those that lean more blue and more green, and go beautifully in combination with white diamonds too." — Michelle Oh

"I think we'll see softer cuts in heavier settings, like bezels. Rose-cut diamonds and gemmy oval cabochons, sapphires in deep blues and soft greens, recycled diamonds with some inclusions and slight coloration (especially tan, yellow, green, and gray). The roundness and soft sparkle in these stones feel comforting and, speaking economically, you get more coverage with bigger stones at friendlier price points. Aesthetically, it's cool to have something that's just a little different than everything else that's out there.” —Powers

Next up: 10 popular engagement ring shapes, ranked from most timeless to least.

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