What a $50,000 Difference Looks Like in Engagement Rings


(Image credit: @stephaniegottlieb)

Take a good look at the below photo. While both are five-carat stones, there’s an outstanding $50,000 difference between the stunners. One of our favorite jewelers Stephanie Gottlieb (if you don’t already follow her on Instagram, now is the time) posted the fascinating photo last night, asking her followers to guess which is the more expensive diamond. The jewel expert let our guesses soak in overnight, and then posted the answer on her feed this morning.

In a mesmerizing video, she lets the dazzler shine and sparkle while in her caption, she explains everything you need to know about why the right diamond rings in at $50,000 more. “It's a 5 Carat EVS2. The one on the Left was a GVS2. Aside from the different length-to-width ratios (the one on the Left being chubbier, and this one more elongated), the only major difference was the color. In order to see a difference in color when looking at two stones, you generally have to jump two color grades,” Gottlieb explained.

See the gorgeous diamond below, and shop our favorite engagement rings at the end.

Did you guess the right diamond? We want to know in the comments below! 

Michelle Scanga
Managing Editor
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