Emma Watson "Absolutely Loves" This $15 Foolproof Freckle Pen

Emma Watson with Freckles


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Ever since she played a young Hermione Granger in the first Harry Potter movie, Emma Watson has been one of my freckle-faced icons. You see, I also have freckles, but I wasn't always comfortable with them (over the years, I've tried to fade them with chemical peels and brightening skincare products before simply hiding them behind foundation), so it was nice seeing one of my favorite characters and, later, one of my favorite actresses show them off.

Fast-forward to today, I saw her recent installment of Vogue's In the Bag, in which she shares the must-have products she keeps in her carry-on bag (ahem, Prada backpack). You can imagine my delight when, during the video, she shares the $15 product she uses to accentuate her natural freckles. Yes, she doesn't just accept them—she accentuates them! 

In the video, Watson pulls this out of her makeup bag and says, "I found this freckle pen recently, which I absolutely love and use in the winter when my freckles kind of go away and I want to bring out the ones on my nose." 

Faux freckles are having a moment right now. Well actually, they've been having a moment for a while. So it's no surprise that this is a best-selling product. The inky marker tip is soaked in a lightweight, subtle, and easily blendable formula. Simply dot it across your skin wherever you want your freckles to be and blend using a makeup sponge or brush for a natural look. It's available in three skin-toned shades. This one called Mocha is the darkest color. 

This medium-brown shade, Cocoa, is only available on the brand's website for $24. 

This light-brown shade, Amber, is also only available on the brand's website for $24.

The fourth and final shade is Magenta. This one calls for a bolder and more unexpected take on the faux-freckle trend.

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"I've been using this lip pencil for years."

"If I only put [this] on my face, I can get away with very little."

"I've been wearing tubular mascara for years. I love them because they come off with hot water, so when I shower, I don't have to use a makeup remover or anything like that. It's kind of more gentle on your eyes."

"I love this lip balm. This is amazing. It has SPF 15 in it and tea tree." 

The exact eye mask Watson recommends seems to only be available in the UK, but I'll be buying this one from Amazon, which has the same light-blocking effect.