All the Outfits We're Copying From Emma Stone

Emma Stone has often been referred to as your (and our) Hollywood BFF. She’s the girl who’s cool but never pretentious; she’s funny, quirky, and you have a sneaking suspicion you’d hit it off IRL if she wasn’t, well, Emma Stone, the major movie star. And as best friends are wont to do, Stone’s pretty great at giving us style advice, too.

Sure, her award season outfits typically end up on everyone’s favorites list, but the style ideas don’t stop there. Her wardrobe has a range of effortless—but not too basic—separates, and she uses prints in very strategic ways. Plus, when it comes to elegant evening looks, she’s got it down pat.

Let’s just say if we were really best friends, we’d be raiding her closet as we speak. Click in for just a few reasons why.