EmRata Wore Amazon's Comfiest $45 Sneakers With a Maternity Mini-Dress

In case you haven't noticed, there are a lot of pregnant celebrities right now, including Hilary Duff, Ashley Tisdale, and Karlie Kloss. But perhaps none of them are as adventurous with their maternity outfits as Emily Ratajkowski. She's already stepped out in a G-string cutout dress and low-rise baggy jeans, making us eager to see what other outfits she has up her sleeve during her pregnancy. 

Photographed in Los Angeles this week, Ratajkowski wore a graphic mini dress from her own brand, Inamorata, along with affordable Superga 2490 Cotu Sneakers ($45). The brand is a favorite of royals and fashion editors alike. I've owned several pairs of Superga sneakers over the years and can personally vouch for their comfort—I even sometimes wear them without socks and never get blisters. Scroll down to see Emily Ratajkowski's new pregnancy outfit and shop her sneakers.

Emily Ratajkowski's pregnancy outfit - mini dress and white Superga sneakers



On Emily Ratajkowski: Superga 2490 Cotu Sneakers ($45); Inamorata dress; Bottega Veneta bag

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