The 4 Amazon Basics I'm Layering Under Every Single Winter Outfit

winter basics for layering



While fun coats and badass boots might get all the attention this time of year, you can't forget the unsung heroes of your cold-weather closet: basics for layering. They're the fundamental building blocks of your winter wardrobe and it would be pretty darn hard to face 20-degree weather without pieces like turtlenecks, thermal leggings, cozy socks, and more. 

I will be the first to admit that I sometimes begrudgingly take off my coat inside because it's way cuter than what I'm wearing underneath, but that doesn't mean I don't see the value in simple, functional, and well-priced pieces for layering. Scroll down to shop the 4 wardrobe basics I wear under winter outfits—all from wallet-friendly Amazon. 

1. Thin Turtlenecks

At $22, you're not likely to regret this buy if you know you'll wear it frequently. 

Black turtlenecks will never go out of style—promise. 

This turtleneck is specially designed to give you extra warmth. 

I love a good mock-neck silhouette. 

2. Thermal Leggings

I always layer thermal leggings under my jeans when I go to chilly Denmark for Copenhagen Fashion Week in January. 

Reviews say these jersey leggings are super soft and comfy. 

3. Cozy Socks

As cozy as wearing Ugg boots, minus the boots. 

If I ever need to wear socks to bed because it's so cold, I'd want it to be these. 

4. Crewneck T-Shirt

I never spend a lot on my basic T-shirts so that I can replace them with the armpits turn yellow or I get a hole in them. 

The outfit opportunities are literally endless with a sleek black tee. 

This T-shirt has a cult following on Amazon thanks to its perfect fit.