Thanks to Meghan Markle, These Affordable Sneakers Are the World’s Hottest Shoes

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Meghan Markle wore Veja sneakers, and now everyone wants to wear Veja sneakers. We're only kind of kidding. Allow us to explain why we're bringing up the sneakers Markle wore almost four months ago in New Zealand. The global fashion search platform Lyst just released its latest quarterly index (covering the last part of 2018), and it's filled with juicy nuggets: Gucci is still the world's hottest brand, Moncler is on the rise, and urban performance gear (e.g., Patagonia fleeces) is trending. But we're here to talk about the hottest women's products in the world, according to Lyst and its millions of users.

Gucci bags and belts take the top two spots in the category, but coming in at the number three spot are the sneakers that Markle made even more famous (because they were already loved by plenty of It girls before she was spotted in them): Veja V10 sneakers. After Markle wore them on October 21, 2018, Lyst notes that online searches for Veja rose by a whopping 113%. Not only that, Lyst points out that they're "the first ever fully sustainably made product to make the hottest products list." 

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Meghan Markle Veja sneakers


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