I've seen a lot of baggy jeans lately, but I don't know how to wear them without

Everyone loves the effortlessly cool look of a pair of relaxed, loose jeans-especially us! But when it comes to actually wearing these baggy blues, however, success lies in choosing the right top and shoe to balance the slouchy fit and create a flattering look overall. Styling Tip #1: Structured Jacket. A fitted silhouette on top is an easy way to give shape to your outfit, which is why we recommend a shrunken blazer that is narrow in the arms and shoulders, and has clean lines. A gently peaked shoulder will add a little sharpness to your look, so a streamlined tuxedo style will do the trick. Otherwise look for a pretty floral print or a bright hue for a fashion-forward result. Styling Tip #2: Crewneck Sweater. We also love a classic crewneck with a snug fit and a slightly boyish look. Again, a crisp and clean cut is important-ideally your sweater should hit right at or above your hip-but look for visually interesting details, such as bold stripes and embellishments, to keep your outfit feeling current. Styling Tip #3: Ladylike Shoes. Pointed-toe flats or pumps will help you avoid frumpiness and lend ladylike charm to your look, especially in an of-the-moment metallic hue or chic print, like leopard or snakeskin. Just make sure to cuff your jeans so they hit at or above the ankle, as this will help showcase your stylish footwear. Styling Tip #4: Show A Little Skin. Finally, push up the sleeves of your sweater or blazer to show off a bit of wrist and arm, and throw on a mix of dainty bracelets to give your look some extra femininity!