This Traditional Engagement Ring Style Is Still Everywhere


(Image credit: Loop Jewelry)

When it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring, there are plenty of things to consider. After all, your ring is as unique and special as you are, serving as an extension of your personal style. While we’ve seen an increase in unconventional styles among brides-to-be, there are some that will truly never go out of style—one of those being emerald-cut engagement rings.

Don’t get us wrong; round and cushion-cut engagement rings are and will always be classic options, but if you’re looking for something timeless that feels refreshingly modern, an emerald-cut stone will be just what you’re looking for. With its elongated, rectangular shape, the stone will feel unique among its counterparts, without the risk of becoming dated as trends come and go.

Whether you’re hoping to get engaged soon or you’re just putting together a Pinterest board, we’ve rounded up the prettiest engagement rings featuring the trend. From traditional settings of white diamonds and gold bands to unconventional center stones, you’ll definitely find an emerald-cut ring that suits your taste. See them all below.

These rings will stand the test of time.

Dale Arden Chong