These Classic Wedding Rings Will Stand the Test of Time

Engagement rings are romantic and can be especially fun when it comes to a trend-driven one. However, despite our love for all things edgy and tradition-breaking, a timeless, classic engagement ring still comes up top. There's just something about a classic silhouette—whether it's a single round rock, round or oval-shaped, or sleek diamonds paired together—that can't be beaten. And the best part about the simplicity of classic engagement rings is that they can match anyone's budget.

So while we encourage trying trends, we also suggest keeping their shelf life in mind when it comes to a purchase as significant as an engagement ring. For a ring you're guaranteed to l love as long as you love your spouse, stick with something timeless. Scroll on to see 30 rings that fit the definition.

Classics are forever.

Opening Image: @stephaniegottlieb