14 Spring Dress Styles French Women Rely On to Look Elegant

Allow me to paint a picture for you: It's a warm spring day, and you've just woken up. Maybe you begin your morning routine by scrolling through TikTok in bed or starting your skincare routine, but at some point, you'll have to shuffle your feet over to your closet to pick an outfit for the day. For some, that part of the routine is an exciting endeavor, while others may feel exhausted by it. No matter which camp you fall in, it's safe to say that having a few great staples in your closet can make the process all-around more enjoyable. 

And while there's no shortage of pieces that can build a capsule wardrobe, one is nonnegotiable: an elegant spring dress. It's a staple that women worldwide (including the French) always wear. Of course, knowing which dresses are worth investing in can be as daunting as dragging oneself out of bed in the morning. To make it straightforward, I've researched hundreds of spring outfits from the French fashion set to identify the 14 best types of dresses. These pieces will make achieving that signature effortless-chic look all the easier. 

1. Tweed Dress
french woman wearing elegant tweed dress



Brought into style by iconic French fashion houses like Chanel and Balmain, the tweed dress has become a quintessential part of any stylish person's wardrobe. And while you may not reside in the streets of Paris, that shouldn't stop you from investing in this staple for spring. 

2. Slip Dress
french woman wearing elegant black slip dress



Rushing out the door to meet loved ones for "l'heure de l'apéro?" The dress you can rely on to ensure you look your best (and get there on time for happy hour) is a slinky slip dress. 

You'll want to zoom in to see the little pearls on the straps of this plissé slip dress. 

The lace-up detail on the back of this dress is so sultry. 

3. A-Line Dress
french woman wearing elegant red a-line dress



French women know that the key to looking elegant is about having an ultra-flattering piece on-hand for any occasion like an A-line dress. 

Shop the style:

Some of my all-time favorite dresses are from Staud. 

You can also shop this dress in black or in a floral or plaid print. 

4. Floral Appliqué Dress
french woman wearing elegant mini dress with rose



Do you find yourself fantasizing about being in Paris in the springtime? Try paying homage to the Jardin du Luxembourg's gardens being in full bloom by opting for a dress with an appliqué floral this spring. 

Shop the style:

The rosette on this dress is removable! 

Did you just audibly gasp? Me too, friends, me too. 

5. Puff-Sleeve Dress
french woman wearing elegant black puff-sleeve dress



Call it passé if you want, but every French person knows that no spring wardrobe is complete without at least one puff-sleeve dress. 

Shop the style:

Pair this with a raffia bag and you'll basically be French. 

6. Drop-Waist Dress
french woman wearing elegant off-white drop waist dress



Long before we saw drop-waist dresses play a prominent role on the S/S 23 runways, the French set was flocking to this style. Its popularity is in part due to the fact that the silhouette is equality parts functional as it is fashionable. 

Shop the style:

The lace-up detail on the bodice of this dress is so pretty. 

The great thing about this dress is that you know you can wear it for years to come. 

Found: the perfect little sundress. 

7. Halter Dress
french woman wearing elegant knit halter dress



What's another style the French set swear by? The halter dress. Whether they're made from a ribbed knit material or lightweight linen, or if they're a maxi or mini, this style is beloved in all its forms for a good reason. When in doubt, this dress will always make you look elegant. 

Shop the style:

The belt adds the perfect elevated touch to this dress. 

Every french wardrobe contains a simple little linen dress. 

The splattered-paint print on this dress could rival a piece of artwork in the Musée National d'Art Moderne in Paris. 

8. Breezy Maxi Dress
french woman wearing elegant long white maxi dress



If your goal this spring is to embody that "je ne sais quoi" so many French people are known for, you'll need at least one effortless dress in your arsenal. We recommend investing in a lightweight maxi dress (of any silhouette or shade) as it will make the task of looking elegant this spring a breeze. 

Shop the style:

It doesn't get more elegant than this dress. 

9. Floral Printed Dress
french woman wearing elegant slip floral dress



Like it or not, some of the most cliché springtime sartorial choices can be made chic again simply by mentioning in proxy with the French fashion set. Floral print dresses definitely fall into that categorization. As much as we all like to pretend this style is "dated," we know there's nothing else we'd rather pack for a trip to the South of France. 

Shop the style:

The French-owned brand La Femme Apéro is the ideal place to shop for the perfect springtime dress. 

I could stare at the lace lining around the bodice of this dress all day. 

10. Risqué Cutout Dress
french woman wearing elegant cutout dress



Let's be real: The French fashion set invented the whole "risqué" trend categorization. So of course, it's no surprise that we'd continue to see cutout dresses be a staple for their spring and summer wardrobes. 

Shop the style:

Marcia's sultry dresses are a fan-favorite with the French fashion set. 

Don't want to show too much skin? Opt for a dress with a small keyhole cutout (similar to the one above). 

11. Open-Back Dress
french woman wearing elegant open-back dress



What's another way you can dial up the heat this spring? Opting for an open-back dress. Much like cutouts, this style is beloved among the Parisian set but is a bit easier to style for everyday wear. 

Shop the style:

The front of this dress is just as pretty as the back. 

Run, don't walk—the perfect open-back dress is on sale right now at Saks. 

A dress that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "business in the front, party in the back."

12. Strapless Tube Dress
french woman wearing elegant strapless tube dress



There are two tell-tale signs that something is back in style: it's either spotted on the runway or worn in droves by the French fashion set. The '90s-inspired strapless tube dress it's managed to take over both realms, cementing it as a solid investment for spring. 

Shop the style:

A black tube dress will always be timeless. 

Imagine dancing by the Seine river in this dress. 

13. Wrap Dress
french woman wearing elegant floral wrap dress



Some things never go out of style, or at least that's what one could deduct after scouring countless dress outfits from French people. While there's a solid list of staples one can invest in for spring, none are more timeless than the wrap dress. Whether you opt for a printed version (like the look above) or a solid hue, you can always count on this style to be elegant. 

Shop the style:

Wrap dresses will always feel French-inspired to me. 

Promise you'll wear this dress for years to come. 

14. White Dress
french woman wearing elegant white dress



You've reached the end of this story, and hopefully, you've found at least one elegant dress style you can invest in for spring. But should you still be dubious about what's worth spending your money on, then the safest buy you can make is a simple white dress. It's a style that's not only beloved by the French fashion set but people around the world. 

Obsessed with the little cutout detail on this maxi dress.