19 Effortless Outfits You'll Want to Wear All Year

You probably have a few go-to outfit formulas in your back pocket that make you feel comfortable and ready to take on the world. But a few more in your arsenal wouldn't hurt, right? In fact, after scrolling through Instagram recently, it became clear that there are a plethora of solid outfit ideas out there that are worth adding into the mix. The two common threads throughout the looks in question? They're neither fussy nor difficult to replicate. These are the kind of ensembles that give off an effortless, cool-girl vibe. So with that, here are 20 looks to test out this season. Go on and find your new go-to.

A monochromatic outfit will always be forward—especially one featuring loose trousers and a structured knit.

When in doubt, don't be afraid to resort to a classic look with a black sweater, some straight-leg jeans, and ballet flats.

Rather than wearing your favorite sweaterdress with only tights, consider layering another skirt underneath for a trend-setting look.

Pair "dad" sneakers with a floral dress and a crisp blazer for an unexpected look.

One of the simplest ways to look instantly polished is to embrace a suit. It will come across like you put a ton of work into your look but actually requires minimal effort.

Keep it elevated yet chill in a graphic pullover and plaid pants. 

A furry coat will take anything you're wearing—like this sweater-and-trousers combo—to the next level.

Animal-print skirts continue to be all the rage this season, so test one out with a simple top and booties for a fresh vibe.

You can never go wrong with a throw-on dress that requires nothing more than a sweet pair of kicks.

For a classic vibe, follow this style setter's lead with a black dress, tights, heels, and a peacoat.

Embrace elevated athleisure with a tracksuit and coordinating coat. 

Don't be afraid of color. In fact, pairing two bold pieces (like a pink sweater and yellow pants) is a simple way to look fashion-forward without trying too hard.

Remember the tip about the furry coat? Yep, we weren't lying. This ensemble is laid-back yet sophisticated.

Ready to jump on the bike-short bandwagon? Keep the overall feel sophisticated by simply adding a belted blazer and knee-high boots.

Try this look for casual Friday with patent pants, a tailored blazer, and flats. 

Now this just may be the ensemble you live in during your off-duty life. How could you resist an oversize sweater, a pair of jeans, and black booties?

Yet another version of how a statement-making throw-on dress can work wonders when you need a stylish outfit in a pinch.

A camel coat will instantly add elegance to any ensemble.

An ankle-length checked coat feels modern yet timeless with a basic ensemble underneath. Complete the look with ankle booties and a crossbody bag.