If You've Ever Wondered Where Editors Score Authentic Luxury Items, It's Here

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Shopping secondhand should be considered a professional sport, and if anyone's going to win the gold, it's our team here at Who What Wear. With resale purchases on the rise, we're all on the hunt for unique luxury items that no one else has. Editor Eliza Huber says, "It's always going to be cooler to have a vintage version of a current trend than to buy into the fast-fashion version," and I couldn't agree more. Whether we're searching for high-end watches or on-trend footwear collabs, we know exactly where to look: eBay.

The site's Authenticity Guarantee service gives us peace of mind while we shop and ensures that what we're purchasing is the real deal. There's nothing more disheartening than opening a package and realizing your money wasn't well spent, and thanks to eBay, those days are behind us. Its team of trained luxury experts meticulously inspects each eligible product—

including watches, jewelry, handbags, sneakers, and more—before sending it out at no extra cost to you. Since I'm always curious to see what's on our team's wish list, I asked a few colleagues to share their current authentic eBay selects. Keep reading to shop Eliza Huber, Kat Collings, and Rachel Zeilic's picks and potentially end up in a bidding war with them over their incredibly cool finds.




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Natalie Gray Herder
Editor, Branded Content

Natalie Gray Herder is an Editor on the branded content team at Who What Wear. Originally from Los Angeles, Natalie decided to make the move to NYC after graduating from Loyola Marymount University in 2019. She is an avid researcher, reader, and explorer in and out of the office. She is inspired by the street style of her fellow New Yorkers and her laid-back roots in California.