I Shop All Day for a Living—These Are the Coolest Things I've Seen This Month

By this point, you should all be pretty familiar with the fact that I shop a lot. Whether it’s research for my job, real-life window-shopping, cyber window-shopping, or actually buying things (my vice), let’s just say I get a lot of exposure to stuff. This could be good and bad, depending on the day—and who you ask. An accountant or my husband might suggest that I could use a little less time immersed in e-commerce, and my bank account would probably be in better shape if so. On the other hand, I wouldn't have so many findings to share with you! So I think it's settled: I'm sticking with it. 

Anyway, let's get back to today's post. From the standout swimsuits that will get you all the compliments to dresses that are actually wearable yet still far from basic, I've rounded up the most out-there and intriguing things I've seen all month and put them in one place. Check all 36 of them out below, and don’t hesitate to do some shopping along the way.

It's a dress! It's a blazer! It's yet another It item from Jacquemus.

Over the top in the best way, possible.

Striking in any color—even black.

No one does affordable statement jewelry like Roxanne Assoulin.

Would you expect anything less from such an epic collaboration?

I'm a sucker for any bag with a chainlink strap, but this shape and color are especially good, too.

It's no surprise that this collab is selling out fast.

Asymmetry makes any and all jewelry more interesting.

Only Reformation could make a white midi dress this special.

It was hard to choose just one of these bags.

It's hard to top Rick Owens in the cool category.

Les Petits Joueurs makes shoes now, and they're as dreamy as you'd think they would be.

A bikini top so good, it deserves to be worn off the beach, too.

Big enough to fit your essentials, small enough to look cool.

I'm very into this whole beach look.

Something about these is just so fresh.

Prada's take on the bucket had does not disappoint.

I'm not going to lie, this is in my cart right now.

While I'm sure it was intended for cool-value, this plexi heel detail probably adds comfort, too.

Someone please invite me to their next party.

Area gets an automatic inclusion in this roundup every time.

Extra points for the price tag and styling.

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