I Shop All Day for a Living—These Are the Coolest Things I've Seen This Month



In case you couldn’t tell by pretty much all the content on our site lately, it’s officially spring, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Aside from the stunning weather, promise of outdoor activities, and overall good vibes, there’s the thrill of dressing without having to worry about staying warm as your number one priority. In spring, your number one priority can be looking cool, then maybe throwing on a light jacket just in case. And, honestly, what’s better than that?

So given that we are in the new season, naturally, the shopping follows suit. That’s why this month’s “coolest” roundup is one of my favorites of late. From tops and sandals to beachwear and jewelry, below you’ll find the pieces that made me do a double take over the last 30 or so days and that I needed to share. Eager to see what made the cut? Simply keep scrolling.

I'm a sucker for anything this brand makes.

The Nordstrom reviews say it all.

A friendly reminder that your summer vacation won't plan itself.

If I were packing for Coachella this year, this would be in my suitcase.

When it comes to sparkly beachwear, I can't resist.

For living your best life this summer.

Baby-pink Bottega terry? I can't help but be obsessed.

Tackle two trends in one with these oversize cargo jeans.

Had Nnenna not worn it, I might not have known how crucial a crochet beret is.

I'm always game for a cool tank.

I'm always down for a corset-inspired top.

A perfect spring jacket if I've ever seen one.

Skims knows what we need and when.

This brand always gets mismatched earrings right.

The little details on this knit dress are everything.

They did it. They made the vest even trendier.