I Shop All Day for a Living—These Are the Coolest Things I've Seen This Month

Somehow it's almost July and my head is spinning. While the month of June may have flown by, I still had plenty of time to compile some of the most stylish items you can buy online right now. Like my colleague Nicole (who usually writes this monthly series—I'll be subbing for a bit), I spend day after day sourcing items for stories. As you can imagine, I come across tons of jaw-droppingly good pieces as I do so, and I'm happy to have an outlet to share them all for a while.

From crystal-encrusted dresses and bikinis to New Balance "summer sneakers," these 33 items really caught my attention over the past 30 days. Some are wearable eye candy, while others are everyday basics with a twist. All are just plain cool. So keep scrolling to see what caught my eye in June and don't say I didn't warn you if you're tempted to add a few of them to your carts.

I think this speaks for itself.

This feels different from your usual summer print (in a good way).

I hunted these down after they stopped me dead in my tracks on Instagram.

I'm not usually into printed pants but these are the exception.

Reformation continues to give the people what they want.

Is it just me, or have going-out tops recently reached a whole other level?

It also comes in pink and black—good luck choosing.

Just making sure this brand is on your radar.

Although it was very difficult to choose, this is my favorite Dôen dress right now.

Need a cute wedding guest bag? You're welcome.

These have become one of summer's It items, according to my IG feed.

Your sneakers have met their match.

This is basically the only hat you need to buy this summer.

Who's getting on the Asics train with me?

I just bought these and they're brilliant.

Kaia Gerber has been wearing these and now I want to wear them.

Currently manifesting an occasion to wear this for.

I'd like for Margot Robbie to wear these in the Barbie movie.