I Shop All Day for a Living—These Are the Coolest Things I've Seen This Month

Prada Street Style


Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

In case you missed my post last month, all you really need to know in terms of backstory is that I shop a lot. Whether it’s research for my job, casual window-shopping, cyber–window shopping, or actually buying things (my vice), let’s just say I get a lot of exposure to consumer goods. And while this might not be the best thing for my bank account (or closet space), it is great for you, because I get to share the best of my findings with you.

What should you expect today? Oh, just another roundup of the most interesting and eye-catching things I’ve seen as of late. After all, why not? From statement bags to going-out tops and affordable steals to designer pieces I’ll just have to admire from a distance, check out the coolest pieces I’ve laid eyes on this month, and don’t hesitate to do some shopping along the way.

I'm always into an updated basic, such as this next-level checked blazer.

I cannot stop staring at this blouse.

Unlike a lot of the other acrylic bags out there.

Not many brands can compel me to want to buy lilac pants Georgia Alice.

Sometimes you just want your tee to feel special.

Currently brainstorming ways to pull off metallic pants.

The only thing cooler than the color is the shape.

I'd be lying if I didn't tell you I've already ordered this.

Furry top definitely qualifies as cool.

There are so many hairclips I'm into right now, but these are the latest to catch my eye.

If you're wondering how to pull off these shorts (pants?), I'd start by copying this whole outfit.

A non-boring bag you can still use every day.

I implore you to find a cooler belt out there right now.

When you wear a puffer nearly every day, you know what a game changer the addition of a belt is.

This goes under the category of eye candy.

Everyday boots do not have to be boring.

Feathers are shaping up to be one of my favorite trends for the season ahead.

Area is the only brand that appears in this roundup twice, and I think you'll agree they deserve it after taking a close look at these earrings.

Not what you think of when you hear patchwork—right?

Something about this white dress is just so special.

We all need party tops—why shouldn't they be covered in stars?

Curious as to whether this holds my cell phone, but also won't say that would necessarily stop me.

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