I Shop All Day for a Living—These Are the Coolest Things I've Seen This Month

Ready for a little fashion fun? I think we deserve it, right?  Right! Which is why today, as I do every month, I’ve gone ahead and rounded up the absolute coolest and most eye-catching pieces I’ve seen over the last 30 or so days. From the polka-dot slip dress I know you were eyeing in the photo above to fun accessories and statement swimwear at every budget, the below finds tick plenty of other boxes, but today, all I was interested in was the thrill factor. Anything beyond that (which you’ll soon find out is still quite a lot) can be considered a bonus. So whether you’re in the market for socks, sandals, jeans, or simply feel like you need a good virtual window shop, just keep scrolling for all my finds for April. I guarantee you’ll have a good time along the way.

The knit-bra-top craze lives on.

Call me biased, but this color, shape, and embossing all come together perfectly on this fun bag.

How to wear the leather trend in spring and summer.

This happy bracelet speaks for itself.

What I'll be trading in my sweatshirts for once the temperatures really rise.

What's better than finding an affordable take on a trend everyone is wearing?

Soon, it will get too hot for sweatpants, and you'll need sweatshorts.

This brand doesn't make swimwear that's not cool.

A classic silhouette meets a trendy color combo.

It's also just as cool when worn closed.

Two things I love: miniskirts and postcard prints.

I'm currently rethinking my wardrobe full of basics.

Everything is better in tie-dye.

Taking notes on how nude sandals complement this look.

A work of art that also happens to be a handbag.

These will look perfect with straight-leg jeans.

My summer goals are as follows: Own this, then have somewhere to wear it.

A relatively functional accessory at the moment.

The fact that this is even still in stock shocks me.

I'll wear these around the house if I have to.