I Shop All Day for a Living—These Are the Coolest Things I've Seen This Month

By this point, you should all be pretty familiar with the fact that I shop a lot. Whether it’s research for my job, real-life window-shopping, cyber window-shopping, or actually buying things (my vice), let’s just say I get a lot of exposure to stuff. And while this might not be the best thing for my bank account or the closet I currently share with my husband—poor guy—it is great for you because I get to share the results of my findings on a regular basis.

So what should you expect today? Oh, just another roundup of the most interesting and eye-catching things I’ve seen on the internet as of late. From the elevated essentials I can imagine getting so much use out of, to the likely impractical statement items I just can’t help but want anyway, check out the coolest pieces I’ve laid eyes on this month, and don’t hesitate to do some shopping along the way.

Whether you wear it alone or layered, this bra top is a showstopper.

Pro tip: This can also be worn with the buttons in the front.

Crucial to all summer looks is a fun necklace.

How fashion girls do spring weddings.

While it is forward, this Missoni swimsuit will stay in your wardrobe for years to come. 

I think this would be an amazing addition to my travel looks—don’t you?

I can just tell right off the bat that these are amazing jeans.

Thanks to the chain links, this might just be my favorite Jaquemus bag from this season’s collection.