15 Edgy Outfits to Add to Your Winter Wardrobe

A new season means a new set of outfit requirements, which, for some, can actually turn out to be quite an adjustment. After months of relying on easy summer dresses, tank tops, loose, lightweight linen, and skin-baring sandals, altering your thought process when piecing together a fall (or winter) look can be tricky. The cold-weather season calls for pieces rendered in heavier fabrics like wool, cashmere, denim, and cotton; of course, layering is another essential. That being said, it can be easy to feel as though you're losing your signature style under layers upon layers of clothing. Enter: 15 edgy winter outfits ideas that are as cool and expressive as they seem cozy, practical, and cold-weather ready.

Whether it's grounding a wintertime look with the ultimate edgy shoes (a pair of buckled and studded ankle boots) or sporting head-to-toe leather (it doesn't get edgier than that), these are the edgy winter outfits you can turn to (and emulate) the next time you're in a styling rut.


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A pair of buckled boots takes any outfit into edgier territory in an instant.


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All black is edgy and chic. Plus, knee-high leather boots are just too cool to pass up.


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Cool layers—like a checked blouse over a black turtleneck and a black puffer jacket—make for a practical yet edgy winter outfit.


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Throw a statement chain belt over a pair of leather trousers for ultimate edginess.


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A transparent trench is perfect for showing off all the elements in your edgy winter outfit.


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Who would have thought layering a tulle skirt over jeans would look so edgy? But alas, it does, and we're following suit.


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Amp up the coolness of a two-piece suit set by grounding the look with chunky leather boots.


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Anything rendered in leather and leopard print is instantly cool.


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Throw a leather jacket over a utilitarian jumpsuit to dress up the more casual piece.


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A metallic top is a must-have in your winter rotation.


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Velvet trousers are warm and cool, offering up just the right amount of edge when paired with a fun top.


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Go big or go home, right? Throw a super-oversize faux-fur coat over a poppy-hued dress for an edgy winter outfit.


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Style tip: Wear your belt bag over your patent leather coat.


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Head-to-toe leather—need we say more?


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This is a look that's edgy and warm.

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Eva Thomas