15 Skirt Outfits You Need to Re-Create This Fall

You’re either going to love or hate what we’re about to tell you: It’s officially time to make the seasonal wardrobe switch. Because fall is upon us and chilly temperatures have become the new norm. But that certainly doesn’t mean you need to pack away all your summer essentials—especially when it comes to slip dresses, crop tops, and skirts, the latter of which we’re focusing in on today. We love skirts for their versatility: They can be worn for a slew of different occasions, from a festive apple-picking trip to a fancy dinner with friends. It’s a must-have piece in your wardrobe rotation this season, and if you don’t believe us, just take a look at the fall skirt outfits below. Read on to see how fashion girls are wearing the flowy garment this fall; then shop our favorite mini, midi, and maxi skirts.

A miniskirt styled with booties is what we like to call "transition dressing"—perfect for fall days that happen to be 75 degrees. 

If you're afraid to mix patterns, don't be. The bolder the better, so grab a printed skirt and get creative. 

In the latter half of fall a velvet skirt has a particularly festive feel, perfect for Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends. 

If you haven't heard, slime green is the color of the season, and while this shade of green is slightly different, we'll take any tone of the mother nature–inspired tone. 

Animal prints are here to stay, and they look particularly stylish when paired with a white T-shirt and sneakers. 

Speaking of animal prints… just when you thought you had tired of all animals, there's one more in the jungle—make that field. Cow prints are the new leopard print for the bold of heart. 

The sartorial world has spoken and knee-high boots are the shoe of the season. Pair them with a knee-length skirt for the perfect contrast. 

The iconic school girl plaid skirt is even better at maxi length. Plus, this seashell belt is giving us some serious styling inspiration. 

Is it just us, or is this outfit giving you major Clueless vibes?

According to Italian girls, pink is the most versatile color in fashion, proven by its pairing with red all over the Emmys purple carpet, and it's pairing with animal prints and slime green heels à la Lisa Folawiyo.

An oversize, cozy knit sweater styled with a silk skirt and sneakers is my entire mood for fall. 

This outfit is a go-to for a casual Saturday morning grabbing coffee with your girlfriends. 

Pleated skirts are a must-have, as they pair with everything from a sleek blouse to a casual sweater while making every outfit looking put-together. 

If you weren't already convinced you needed a cropped leather jacket in your life to mix and match with all skirt outfits, well, now you are. 

What did we say about slime green? If you were struggling to visualize how to style this trend, consider this some major inspiration. 

Next up, shop the best sweater skirts to wear for fall.

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