If You're Still Searching for that Chanel Grocery Bag, We Found It

Rare Vintage Finds


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Once you start scrolling the Instagram feed of Tae In Ahn’s, @ebaybae, you’ll enter a weird, yet wonderful fashion world, throwing back to almost every era and every cult fashion piece you can think of. From Prada S/S 12 flame heels, to a '90s vintage Moschino jacket, to the limited edition Chanel shopping basket featured on the runway, we’ve basically stumbled upon all the designer pieces that we regret never purchasing the first time around (we're still waiting for these Prada S/S 10 jewelled heels to surface again).

All posts on the Instagram page are screen shots of legitimate listings on eBay, and according to Dazed, each post from the Instagram feed must be one of two things—ridiculous or/and brilliant. The fascinating account clearly comes with a wealth of knowledge about product. Ahn's day job is a collections specialist for The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, “I love examining the cult behind luxury labels, good taste vs. bad taste, monetary value vs. aesthetic value, and the appropriation of symbols and design” she says in an interview with Dazed. If you’re a lover of luxury pieces, you might just find yourself a real gem through Ahn’s feed. 

Keep scrolling to check out our favourite designer pieces from the feed, unearthed from eBay.


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