8 Chic Pieces That Would Make the Perfect Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Baby, it's cold outside (unless you're lucky enough to live in Southern California), so let's talk about capsule wardrobes. One of the reasons I love a capsule wardrobe in the winter is this: It's an incredibly busy time of year. Plus, layering for cold weather is complicated and I don't want to take the time to think about it every single day. That's where our very own Who What Wear Collection comes in.

Our current collection is chock-full of cozy staples that can be mixed and matched, which is undoubtedly the key component of a capsule wardrobe. And if you regularly read Who What Wear, you probably already know that the prices are reasonable and the quality of the pieces is amazing. With that, scroll to shop the eight chic items you'll need if you're ready to commit to a winter capsule wardrobe. The best part is that all of these pieces are versatile enough to wear with the basics you already own.

#1: Cozy Coat

A chic, warm coat is obviously essential in the winter. I like ones that are neutral in color but special in details.

#2: Casual Sweater

If you live somewhere that's chilly, chances are that you wear sweaters often. The problem is that they take up a significant amount of closet space, which is why I suggest neutral ones that can be worn over and over.

Winter capsule wardrobe



#3: Leather Pants

Chances are that you already have enough pairs of jeans. Instead, get yourself a pair of (faux) leather pants, which can easily be dressed up or down and can be worn with anything you'd typically wear with jeans.

#4: Warm Going-Out Top

What to wear out at night in the winter is certainly something I've struggled with. The solution is fancy tops that are also warm, like  sweaters with cutouts and velvet button-downs.

Winter capsule wardrobe



#5: Midi Slip Skirt

A midi slip skirt can dress up your outfit without sacrificing warmth. Just pair it with a turtleneck or sweater, black tights, boots, and a long coat.

#6: Overshirt

An overshirt can be worn as a jacket on more mild days or layered under a coat on chillier ones. Plus, it's both trendy and timeless, so it's money well spent.

Winter capsule wardrobe



#7: Knit Set

If you like the idea of wrapping your entire body in a sweater, it's time to get yourself a knit set. Bonus: You can separate the pieces and wear them with other items.

Winter capsule wardrobe



#8: Long-Sleeve Dress

Something that's inevitable in the winter is holiday parties. Get yourself a cute long-sleeve dress to wear to them and call it a day.