5 Easy Trends That Will Go With Everything Else in Your Wardrobe

Listen, we love a good trend as much as the next person, but sometimes shelling out hundreds of dollars for a trendy item that ends up not going with the rest of the other pieces in your closet feels less than justifiable. Buying items that seem appealing at the moment but end up just not as wearable is one of the biggest contributors to items sitting unworn in your closet. But we've made a career of finding versatile pieces that you can invest in to save on money and time spent getting dressed in the morning. By incorporating these staples into your wardrobe, you'll give your timeless items a fresh upgrade.

That's why we've plucked the latest trends that you can seamlessly incorporate into your favorite outfits with little to no thought process. Because, honestly, what's better than being able to pull pieces at random from your closet and just having them work together? We're convinced that's how the internet's most stylish people are doing it anyway. Below are five easy trends that we'll be wearing on the regular.

Half-zip sweaters:



There's nothing wrong with mixing and matching stripe colors.

Horizontal stripes have never looked better.

Silky midi skirts:



A rich chocolate color slip skirt will surely make your closet feel current.

The texture adds a hit of visual interest.

A good baby blue can do wonders for your outfit's color story.

You know you'll get a ton of use out of a simple black midi skirt.

This emerald green midi elevates every item it touches.


Add new dimension to any outfit with a pair of platform loafer.

Lug soles are the new flat shoes. You heard it here first.

Love height but hate flimsy heels? These are for you.

Crochet bucket hats:

Easy Trends Crochet Bucket Hat



This burnt brown shade goes with everything.

Brighten up your spring wardrobe with this sunny accessory.

A multicolor crochet is our new fave hat combo.

Who knew lime green and purple went so well together?

Knit pants:



What's better than a piece that works as sweats, pajamas, and going-out pants?

You can't go wrong with gray knit pants.

Pair with a white tank and you're ready to take on the day.