5 Easy Concert Outfits You Can Put Together Last-Minute

Going to a concert and have nothing to wear? Welcome to the club. For whatever reason, despite the thousands of "going-out tops" hanging in your closet, that cool-girl concert vibe is hard to channel. Instances like this should be left up to the pros, and by the pros, we mean our stylish network of bloggers and fashion girls.

When it comes to concert style, the ladies ahead can do no wrong. Yes, they wear the typical band tee, but the way they style it is what makes all the difference. And don't worry, the looks don't all require a shopping spree. Instead, we handpicked concert outfit ideas that you can throw together in a pinch within the contents of your closet. Because although you're probably thinking you have nothing to wear, chances are you own some cool pants, denim shorts, and even leggings. Yeah—there's a legging look in here too.

Go on to shop five concert outfit ideas that are so easy to pull together.