3 Backup Outfits for Whenever You're Feeling Lazy

Every once in a blue moon, do you just feel lazy and have zero energy reserved for thinking of what to wear? Okay, let’s be real… That’s me pretty much all the time, which is why I thought it would make for a fitting story topic. After all, with a new season upon us, there’s no better time to work on our outfit arsenal.

So, back to it. Just how do I combat my inherent laziness? Well, I’ve found that if I keep a few combos top of mind that I know will always look good, I can avoid those last-minute wardrobe malfunctions that come with trying to think of a totally new outfit. This way, I can ensure I’m (almost) always stepping out in something that feels cool. To find out what they are, simply continue on to see the looks (modeled by myself and fellow like-minded editors Michelle and Lauren) as well as to, of course, shop what you need to re-create them for yourself.