The Winter Outfit Formula East Coast Girls Won't Quit

Being an East Coast girl myself, there's no denying the power of convenient outfit trends that circulate through this little island of New York I call home. When one New Yorker finds an outfit formula that is equal parts stylish and practical, everyone and their mother jumps on it, and the one I'm about to share with you is no different. East Coast girls have been wearing their typical winter necessities—coats, puffers, beanies, etc.—but have been adding on everything and anything animal print.

The best part of this winter outfit formula is that it's not constricted to one formula at all, meaning whatever your personal style is, you can make this NY-approved look work for you. All you have to do is find your favorite winter essential and pair it with the animal prints—snakeskin, leopard print, tiger print, and beyond—of your choosing. Below, I've rounded up some of my favorite iterations of the winter outfit formula for you to study (and shop). One look at this easy-to-wear getup will almost certainly have you rethinking the contents of your own closet.

Style Tip: Take shearling to the next level by opting for it in a festive animal print. Pair said jacket with your favorite pair of black jeans and call it a day.

Style Tip: Liven up your everyday winter ensemble of a coat and denim with a thin, printed turtleneck. According to East Coat girls, though, animal prints are the only print option.

Style Tip: Don't have enough enthusiasm in the early morning to muster up a creative outfit? Fear not, for a neutral puffer, jeans, and snakeskin boots are just the trick. 

Style Tip: Get creative with your layering by slipping a leopard-print mesh top underneath your favorite winter-approved LBD.

Style Tip: Black puffers no longer have to be boring thanks to the newfound practicality of animal-printed pants. Pair the two together and suddenly you have an outfit to remember. 

Style Tip: Offset that beloved chunky sweater of yours with a pair of snakeskin jeans and stark white boots. 

Style Tip: Casual sweatpants can be made into quite a spectacle with the addition of a statement faux-fur coat. 

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