6 Dua Lipa Outfits to Copy on Your Next Vacation


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One of my favorite things in the world besides trying on spring clothing or shopping for secondhand designer handbags is traveling. Exploring the world in my mind is akin to the exploration of self through style—you learn so much not only about how you move through this world but the culture, values, and identities of others. And while travel over the past few years has been put on the back burner for many people across the globe, this summer could finally offer a glimmer of hope as more people have access to vaccinations and countries have reopened their borders to tourists. I can’t tell you how excited the prospect of popping on a plane and heading to Paris or the Amalfi coast makes me. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m equally excited to whip out some vacation outfits. 

There’s just something about resort wear that speaks to my soul (if I could just wear Cult Gaia while lounging in Greece for the rest of my life, I probably would). While I love all things vacation-dressing, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I struggle to keep baggage fees in check. When deciding what to pack for a vacation, I always turn to It-girls as inspiration. One style icon that always slays vacation outfits is Dua Lipa. Yes, her red-carpet looks are cool, but what does she choose to wear while vacationing? Hot as hell. Ahead, I’ve rounded up six Dua Lipa–loved vacation outfits that prove she’s a connoisseur of travel style. Warning: These outfits are likely to cause wanderlust.


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WHAT: Prada sunglasses; Louisa Ballou Black & Orange Sleeveless Ring Dress ($570)

WEAR: Sunglasses + Hoops + Black Bikini + Cutout Dress

Dua Lipa on a yacht somewhere in the Mediterranean? That’s the vibe I’m aspiring toward this summer. And while procuring a private ship may be a little harder to swing, the outfit is easy to recreate for a day by the water. Simply throwing on my tiny black bikini with a colorful cutout dress, sunglasses, and hoops will have me levitating.

Get the look:


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WHAT: Attico Devon mules; Aurem Mila Anklet ($128)

WEAR: Crochet Top + Wrap Skirt + Mules + Anklet 

When traveling, there are two types of packers: practical and extra. Dua Lipa falls in the latter, but any fashion girl probably follows suit as well. Sure, you could pack something simple, but what’s the point of going on vacation if you don’t show up? You don’t have to pack gowns as Dua Lipa does, but a simple black crochet top and wrap skirt with mules is the most straightforward fit to pack and wear for a night out dancing.

Get the look:


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WHAT: Balenciaga Eyewear Swift Sunglasses ($654); Prada Symbol Pendant Right Earring ($650); Mgn Jewellery One-Off Earrings; Arms of Eve Aaliyah Necklace ($100); The Attico Cindy Stretch-Cotton Minidress and Selene Leather Thong Sandals ($323)

WEAR: Sporty Sunglasses + Single Statement Earring + Tank Dress + Flip-Flops 

One of the best things about traveling is being able to visit historical sights or go out to explore the entire city on foot. But if you’re anything like me, you cringe at being seen as another tourist in sneakers. Enter this perfect outfit idea from Dua Lipa: Pairing a comfortable tank dress with fun accessories like sporty sunglasses, mismatched earrings, and platform sandals is ideal for looking great while gallivanting about.

Get the look:


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WHAT: Blumarine Resort 2022; Annele Cherry Blossom Ring ($305)

WEAR: Tie-Top + Jeans + Shoulder Bag + Sunglasses

Can’t envision yourself wearing a dress to explore on vacation? I get it. Luckily, there are other ways to look cute while traveling. Case in point: the outfit above. A statement tie-top (whether it’s cropped like Lipa’s or is full-length) paired with jeans and a cute shoulder bag is the perfect outfit to pack for any vacation.

Get the look:


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WHAT: Kim Shui One Shoulder Red Rose Top ($295) and Red Rose Wrap Skort ($295); Prada Cleo Satin Bag with Appliques ($3,400); Urban Sophistication iPhone Puffer Case ($65); D’accori Belle Sandals in Red Kiss ($873)

WEAR: Y2K-Inspired Set + Statement Necklace + Layered Rings + Shoulder Bag

No matter what, I always pack at least one outfit for dinner that I'm bound to eat. Whether you’re planning at least one special dinner at the resort or were able to secure a reservation at one of the hottest places in town, you won’t regret packing a more trend-forward look for the night. I recommend tapping into Y2K sensibilities like this look from Dua and opt for a colorful printed set and layered jewelry. You could style the set for another day on the trip, but it’s also an easy way to look polished for dinner after a long day.

Get the look:


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WHAT: Christian Dior sunglasses; Heavy Manners swimsuit

WEAR: Floral Printed Bikini + Pearl Necklace + Layered Rings

And finally, is it even a vacation if you’re not packing a swimsuit? Debate all you want about all the other fits, but it’s clear that Dua Lipa wins every time she’s by the water. You can’t beat her vacation style, but you can join her by packing a fun statement suit and some cute jewelry for your next vacation. Pretty please, replicate one of these looks for your next trip—I promise you won’t regret it. 

Get the look:

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