I'm a Luxury-Handbag Expert, and I'm Telling You This Is the Next It Bag

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The Style Stalker / Szymon Brzóska

There’s always one activity I put off for too long in spring—a closet cleanout. As I’m beginning to assess what to buy for the season, I am thinking about one particular thing: handbags. Admittedly, I know I own way too many purses, but that never stops me from stalking celebrities’ Instagrams to see which bags they love ATM or scrolling through my favorite retailers in search of Black-owned brands. I’m always on the hunt for the next great love (aka bag) of my life. And while there is a slew of new handbag trends coming fresh off the runways, I find that the best indication of when a bag is about to pop off is the luxury resale market. You see, often before the entire fashion set scrambles to carry the It bag of the moment, a vintage style will likely begin flying off the shelves. It’s a fact that secondhand-shopping fanatics and experts are keenly aware of.  

So inquiring minds may ask: If luxury resale can tell us what bags are about to pop, what style should we be shopping for before it’s spotted on Bella Hadid? Well, in search of that answer, we spoke with Landyn Tedrick, a site merchandising specialist at Fashionphile. Ahead, you’ll hear from her on why shopping secondhand is key, her tips on shopping for designer bags, and the style the Fashionphile team is betting will be the next It bag. Move over, mini bags and baguettes; there’s a new shape in style. 

Landyn Tedrick, Site Merchandising Specialist at Fashionphile


Courtesy of Landyn Tedrick

How did you get into the luxury resale industry? And what do you love about working at Fashionphile? 

As someone who fell in love with fashion at a very young age, I always knew it would one day become my career. I moved to Los Angeles, where I studied fashion marketing in college and spent over five years in high fashion. As I grew older, I became more conscious of the environment and interested in thrifting. When I moved to San Diego, I heard about Fashionphile from a friend and knew immediately I wanted to be part of the company. Luxury fashion and sustainability were my two passions combined. I love that Fashionphile is a woman-owned company and is environmentally conscious. The luxury resale market has boomed in the past few years, and it has been so exciting to see the company grow into what it is today.


The Style Stalker/Szymon Brzóska

We've made strides within the industry and the larger world around dismantling misconceptions about secondhand clothing, but what do you think still needs to be done to shift the way we consume?

The rise of the internet and technology has created a huge positive impact on accessibility for the resale industry. However, it has also flooded the retail industry with fast fashion, offering unbelievably low price points in return for an unsustainable product. As consumers, we should have more accessible resources and tips on making more environmentally conscious decisions. The low price point of fast fashion has allowed consumers to treat shopping as a year-round occasion rather than the previous seasonal event, developing a change in shopping habits. Sustainable fashion can sometimes be mistaken for “expensive.” While this can be true, there are many ways to make more responsible choices at a lower price point. Thrifting is a fun and creative way to shop sustainably.

Some sustainable fashion companies can be on the pricier side. A hot tip is to shop here for your basics rather than trendy items. You will get the most use out of the item, and it will not go out of style. 

I find it very important that we do not judge others for their shopping decisions but rather help educate them on making more sustainable choices for our planet going forward.


The Style Stalker / Szymon Brzóska

What tips would you give our readers for reselling their old pieces? 

To receive the highest buyout, I suggest selling a trendy bag before it is no longer popular. A great way to keep current with trendy bags is to take advantage of Fashionphille’s Refresh program, where we offer items purchased from us to be sold back for a percentage of the purchase price, up to a year. The sooner you sell it back, the higher the percentage. We also offer 10% more if you opt for store credit, making the trade-in for a new item more seamless. This is a great way to trade your bags in for something new and exciting as your taste and trends evolve.

What tips would you give to those who have never bought a designer bag secondhand?

Tip #1: Know what you want.

The resale market is excellent because you are not tied down to purchasing just current styles. You have the option to dig deep and find the perfect bag for you.

Tip #2: Do your research.

While there are so many great pieces in the resale market, it can be a little overwhelming at times. I suggest doing some research before starting your shopping journey. Authentication is crucial in the luxury resale market, and you should always choose a seller you can trust. Fashionphile authenticates every item before listing and has a lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

Tip #3: Pay attention to listings.

Once you have started your shopping journey, be sure to pay attention to condition and photos. Have questions about the condition or measurements of an item? Ask the seller. Remember, these items are previously loved, and although many are in pristine condition, the majority will have flaws.


The Style Stalker / Szymon Brzóska

As an expert seller, can you tell us what styles you think our readers should resell/retire right now and which they should shop?  

The ultra-mini micro bag was the hot item, gaining popularity in 2019 as microscopic handbags were seen on the red carpet. This tiny-handbag trend is extremely impractical, with most bags barely large enough to fit a credit card, let alone your cell phone. The current Y2K trend has opened doors for many handbag styles to resurface. Crescent bags, large hobos, small shoulder bags, and the classic crossbody are current and popular. 


The Style Stalker/Szymon Brzóska

Why do you think the crescent-shaped bag is the next It bag? 

With lockdowns, older films and television streaming have become increasingly popular, resurrecting Y2K fashion. This trend has quickly made its way to high fashion, with fashion houses such as Miu Miu, Versace, Oscar de la Renta, and many others following suit. With this trend on the rise, new Y2K-inspired bags and iconic original styles have become increasingly popular. Fashionphile has already seen a three-times increase in crescent bags from 2022 compared to 2021. Y2K-inspired styles such as the Louis Vuitton Loop, Prada Re-Edition, Saint Laurent LE 5 à 7 hobo, and the Gucci Half Moon Hobo have been on our best-seller list for 2022. Handbags in textiles such as denim and prints have also been on the rise, all supporting the Y2K trend.


Basically, this bag is back and better than ever. So whether you choose to invest in a secondhand luxury handbag or a new bag (keep scrolling to find more affordable options to shop), you can't go wrong with securing this bag. 

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The Style Stalker / Szymon Brzóska

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